Saturday, April 29, 2006


Moved to 9/07.



C Busch said...

Right on, Brother.

You missed one point though:
This is our 4th chance.
1) Korea. We left before winning. But I don't know enough about that war to give a more detailed comment. But I know enough that the lives of all those Americans who died are pretty-much wasted if you don’t win, or at least accomplish something that will make future American's freedom more secure.
2) Viet Nam. You already said what needed to be said.
3) Desert Storm.
--Yes, we accomplished the 'mission', but if we'd continued on through to Saddam's Eagle's Nest, think of how different the world would be now.
--Bush 1 might have gotten re-elected, regardless of the Broken Pledge. And the Republicans could have bragged about the subsequent Reagan and technology-sparked economic and stock market upturn in the 90's. Instead of nauseatingly watching King Liar wax falsely for the rest of his life that it was his doing.
--9/11, and perhaps all - or most - other bombings and terrorist activities in the last 15 years might never even have happened. Or at least, been severely curtailed.
--In Saddam's 35 year domination, Iraqi citizens reported 1.3 million of their countrymen to have disappeared. We have found about 400,000 of them. How many died as a direct result of coming out to support the US and our allies as we charged across the border like a Blitzkrieg, only to see us cut out (but not run away). There won’t need to be a Saddam there to mass-murder the citizenry. They are doing it now with our troops in theatre - just imagine the killing tornado that will blow through there when we leave.

Who will ever trust our military and its might again? What parent will trust their government enough to allow their son or daughter to enlist - only to have their baby thrown into a war that might be so quickly turned over to a cut-and-run congress by spoiled brats trying to make an artificial name for themselves.

Just imagine those democrats running (financing) the war - and all the dominoes to fall in the following decade or two afterwards. [A veto does not work on the de-funding of the military.] Imagine what’s left of our brave military wearing blue helmets; with extremist Muslims and Marxists running the U.N. and telling them/us what to do.

All the negatives in the past 90’s (and 70's) history - that will definitely repeat itself - will be horribly magnified to extremes that some are simply refusing to foresee. Like the three monkeys. All because they want to feel self aggrandized by thinking they’ll give their vote more weight by ‘doing something’ with it. A vote only does one thing. Help to win. Not voting does nothing. If the other side wins, they will SURELY do something. Although the Voter Apathists will talk you to death about how great it’ll be after our side loses.
And if we win, they will no doubt lie about their foolishness and join in the festivities nonetheless.

And while those too-aloof-to-vote-for-their-team are busy whacking the Republicans knuckles with their imaginary rulers, how many more of our soldiers will die as the funds and troops are pulled out? How many freedom-loving Iraqi, Afghani, and other citizens around the world will die in the years while the Republicans are being taught a ‘lesson’?

There will be a lot more than a destroyed election on their hands.

Jack H said...

I would hate to admit -- even in the face of overwhelming evidence ... even if it were *true* -- that our lives have been wasted. I think fighting even a holding action need not be a waste. The danger of my position is that holding actions may seem to be enough. They're enough only if they are necessary, while victory is not possible. They're enough if they are a delaying action, until reinforcements, and victory, arrive. Regrets about what might have been make us old before our time. Opinions have only one useful purpose, which is to guide us toward right actions. Macarthur was fired, apparently, because he wanted to fight Red China with nukes. I just don't dare have an opinion about that. I don't think Stalin would have had a very civilized response. But I don't know. At least South Korea has enjoyed the blessing of freedom that our blood has given them. With increasing ingratitude, but that is to be expected. Liberty is a good thing, regardless of the fact it was a gift. We would only hope that it engenders the virtue of gratitude, but our virtue must not be dependent on the character of those who profit by it. We are not, after all, hirelings, but the guarantors of freedom on this planet. Pretty good role, even if it costs a lot.

Re Desert Breeze, it was so clear, wasn't it. An intermission, as I said in "WMD Control"

"...My logic is that if you get into a fight, you have to win it. I don’t mean some ridiculous ego-driven shoving match. I mean something that’s real and serious, where the lives of your sons are at stake. Do not engage, unless you’re there to win. And to me, the holiday from history that we luxuriated in during the clinton years was just an extended Act break in the drama that Bush I co-authored – an over-long intermission in a distant theatre of war. It was an oddly attenuated Phony War, where we let the monster gambol across his northern hills, lopping Kurdish heads as a child cuts down dandelions. For shame."

As for the blue helmets ... they mean headgear, right? Pardon my rather inappropriate mind, but I can't help associate the UN with shrunken genitals ... it seems I had this to say, in "Droppings"

"UN um peace-keepers slash by-standers must provide an invaluable service, if they were deployed to Lebanon in even greater numbers. They’d, uh, be a boon for the local economy, spending all those Euros in frequenting discos and bistros and cinemas. Their pretty blue helmets would add a much needed flair to the fashion landscape -- masks clash so dreadfully with almost all headwear. They would provide an example of good posture to the local children. And the unerring moral sense behind the entire UN enterprise could only serve to elevate the debate to a higher plain. It wouldn’t be so awfully *rabbinical*."

Re the future that certain uncertain (and unstable (not necessarily in the nuclear sense)) elements are propelling us toward, there's my "Fortress al-Islam"

Dark, perhaps, even for me. We seem to be neurotically obsessed with the same themes, you and I. We're really sick, and should seek help. Who will save us from this legislative body of death?