Friday, May 26, 2006

When Virtue Is a Vice

Moved to 12/28/07.



MorningGlory said...

This post summarizes the problems so many of we conservatives are having in dealing with Bush's abandonment of his base supporters. Thanks for the eloquence!

Jack H said...

Evening grace.



GUYK said...

If you have a site meter it should be spinning. Bill Quick picked this up off my site and linked it. It is a great piece of work and I wish it would be picked up by the national media.

Jack H said...

Wow - thanks. I'm just a lonely toiler in the fields of the Lord - not used to being noticed. Already I feel myself growing arrogant. Where's my houseboy? I need someone to scream at. Raul! Get over here! Where's my beverage! Get it, idiot! Now! ... What's this?!? This frappe is insufficiently frothy! It is displeasing to me. Remove it from my presence, you - you SCUM! I could just scratch out your eyes!

And so on.


Anonymous said...

I am the complete opposite of you, illegal immigration is the only issue i do agree with Bush on.

Lets look at who we are really talking about. 90% of the illegal aliens are good hard working americans. They do tough work, and they get paid badly (although better then what they would in mexico). These are good people.

Second, what is the issue? Do you or anyone else actually think we are going to deport 10 million people? Could you imagine the impact on economy if this was even possible? The real issue is how do we deal with all of these new people. If we are not going to deport them then what are we going to do? First of all, we DO want to get rid of some of these 10 million. The criminals, the drugies, the touble makers. Well the illegals want rid of these same people... they have to live with them! If you think you have it bad in your suburban house, imagine what they live through being around those guys the most. A goal of 10 million is too much, if we can get rid of a managable number then we have a chance of being successful. This also gives us time to strengthen our border!
So what are our options... Bush has a brilliant plan. A guest worker program, with a pathway to citizenship. So that they a chance to be fully integrated into our culture.

Don't fall for the nay sayers. This is a great country!

Jack H said...

Well, A, I certainly respect your right to an opinion. That's what blogs are about. I've said a great number of very harsh things about illegal immegration, and there will be no backtracking. I call them scofflaws, for that is the root of the problem. If they had a respect for our laws, they would not be here. Period. But it is certainly understandable that they flee their own corrupt countries, that they may prosper here. My own forefathers left the poverty of the fjords that they might farm the rich earth here. We all want greater oportunity for ourselves and our families. We all will agree that times are different, as are conditions, these 130 years later, though. We must agree on this. There are no more frontiers. There are only urban centers and corporate farms. Do either of these need more low-skilled workers? A strong back is a good thing, but an argument that maintains that importing the unwanted, illiterate and surplus population from a third world country is going to bring us long term benefit is incongruent with reality.

I've had very close dealings with very many immigrants. I never inquired as to their legal status. My opservation is that they are the same as any other group. Human. "90% hard working americans"? Well, they are not americans, but we'll over look that. Hard working, certainly, as are Americans. And that 30% of the prison population is illegal aliens, well, that is an embarassment to your position, but we'll over look that as well. Good people? Certainly, in precisely the proportion that any group of people who have invaded, unlawfully, another country can be good.

What is the issue? Law. The rule of law. They have fled whatever corrupt and oppressive third world country they come from, because this high regard for the institutions of justice is missing there. They come here exactly for the reason that our institutions, founded on law, have created prosperity. Ironic, isn't it, that their invasion can destroy the very thing they came here to exploit. Sort of a goose that laid the golden egg thing. As for deporting 12 million illegals, it is a straw man argument. If you are serious about this discussion, you may wish to more fully acquaint yourself with the actual issues and arguements. If you peruse the links under "Illegal Immigration" to the right of the text of my little blog, you'll see my own take. Sometimes, harsh, of course, but never disrespectful.