Saturday, July 29, 2006


Moved to 10/11/07.



delftsman3 said...

VERY comprehensible. Thanks for an excellent post. linked.

Jack H said...

Ah, my master plan to take over the Internet is finally coming into fruition. Hahahaha!!!

But thanks.



Walter M. Clark said...

Whoever came up with this notion of proportional response should burn in the lowest, hottest level of Hell. The only solution, for both Israel AND the US, is to respond with such overwhelming force, killing as many as possible while ignoring any who even attempt to surrender. A few responses like that and everyone will properly fear Israel and the US. No, we won't be loved, but we aren't now. What's the dif?

Jack H said...

As I recall, the Ninth, lowest circle of Dante's Infero was reserved for the very most toxic of traitors. Cain, the brother slayer, is there -- betrayer of family, and by extension country. Judas is there -- betrayer of God and of mankind. Satan is there, traitor to everything, frozen up to his waist in ice. Yeah, I think Dante just about got it right. The betrayers need simply to be immobilized. Give them any movement at all, and they'll use it to betray.

Proportionality? Sure. The symmetry, however, of the proposition is: they are trying to kill all of us and destroy our way of life; therefore, to act proportionally, we should...