Tuesday, August 29, 2006


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ELAshley said...

Well, we do know that Babylon at least will rise again, and be a major center of commerce and government.

The mentality you speak of, 'human nature is basically good' is dangerously powerful in our nation today-- Strong delusion... A strong, heady drink. Our nation seems drunk of political correctness.

Perhaps even more frightening is your ascertion that 'all things must pass'... even nations, and the memory of nations. Hubris-- much ballyhoo-ed in recent years --brings everything low sooner or later.

I wonder if Tolkien knew what he was doing when he penned, 'Saruman's fighting Uruk-Hai' ? Irrelevant I know, but I couldn't resist tossing that in.

Jack H said...

Drunk on the blood of martyrs. Too bad is Moslem suicide Islamist bomber martyrs. What's the global version of the Stockholm Syndrome? The Mecca Syndrome? Islam good, Christian bad? All the world held hostage to a terrorist faith. But we, we will fight them on the beaches. Right now, their beaches. Later, no doubt, our own. So be it.

You've noticed how people think their immortality is in their legacy, or their children, or some such abstract. My immortality is in the fact that the human spirit survives death and is eternal. But the past is remembered only as names, and flaking images, and broken pottery, and ruins. Well, true, there's the Bible, and Shakespeare. But who reads?

I got half way through the second LOTR book. Too long and boring, for my teenage brain. But yes, I expect Tolkien was referring to a proto-Uruk. He knew Gilgamesh, after all. He was a mythologist. It evokes the thrumming of ancient marching songs, and wordlessly stirs our souls. I wrote a book about the very most ancient mythology, once upon a time. But I digress.


Jack H said...

Ralph Peters had something to say on the matter of tribes, I find.