Monday, December 26, 2005


Yes, I confess -- I've stolen a few moments to quest across the ... the globeblog. And my dark heart is gladdened for a moment. I come across an isle of lotus blossoms, and every petal says "love." Thank you, young P, for a moment's refreshment.

It called to mind something I'd written in a previous decade, unquoted here, the gist of which was that happiness is learned. But I had a foster son once, who had a bright and joyous spirit. Where did he learn that?

There is no certainty. Everything is faith. You know, because you believe you know -- a butterflies-waking-to-find-themselves-emperors sort of thing. It seems self-evident, yet there are those who dispute it.

So we retreat to common ground: Little children, love one another. It may not be the final truth, but it is the truth. And in a relativistic universe, absolutes can be, at most, axioms of theorems. This says nothing about their ultimate truth, but they are true as we live the theory of our lives.


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