Thursday, March 9, 2006


Portgate! Saved from Portgate! Yes!!!!! Savd!!! O .. prase the Deuty! But BEWARE!!! The PERIL is still EXTEME!!!!!!! Did you know that the UAE have ...... its own airline?!!???!!? - that flys into New York sevral times eachday with.... jetplains??!!??!? How long shall this OUTRAGE continue??!!? Airplanes!!!!! ARAB jet airplans!!!!!!!1!! Flying onto ....... NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!5!&!!!! First of all ...... being ARAB should be illeegal!!! Secont of all ..... ...... it should be ilegul ....... for ARABS to fly airplains!!!111!!! next of all ARABS flying jet airplainnes into New yOrck shoud be ....... elligol!!!!!! thrurd of all, it shood be illelgel too be ARAB!!..!?!! Fif off al ilunleegal ARABB jett areplayns fling ontuo Nu yorcq illiEggullee shuDd bi uleGall!!!!!!!!..!!!!!@@!!!!!$$!!!!!!!!!!...

And what might we expect of the UAE now - our strategeric and close ally, the UAE? Chances are ... that crane there? - that's unloading those Humvees? Owned by DPW. The port that harbors the largest number of our ships is in the UAE. They've got a lot of money, you know, to invest - to buy, like, um, products made in the USA. Like Bowing aircraft, for instance. What would you do? Continue to shop at a store that wants your money but not you? It's a slap in the face of every Arab and every Moslem: they are not to be trusted. But the Red Chinese, who run the port in Long Beach, California, and whom clinton signed up to RUN THE PANAMA CANAL (!?!), are to be, um, trusted.

But, thankfully, sanity has prevailed, and those dirty, sneaky Arabs aren't going to take over all our ports - or eight terminals, in six cities - and efficiently run them. Dodged a bullet that time, didn't we.

Or not.

I'm not ashamed, for some reason. I guess because I understand. But this isn't right.



Anonymous said...

You may have a very dry sense of humour, but I believe you are a fucking idiot.

Jack H said...

Well that just hurts my feelings. Tell me, my old nemesis A - so that I might raise myself from out my sorry state of fucking idiocy - am I a fucking idiot because of the harshness and tactlessness of the very dry sense of humor I may have, or am I a fucking idiot because you disagree with my point? Or am I a fucking idiot for some other reason? I'm very curious, and breathlessly await your clarification.

Yours Very Kindly,


Jack H said...

(But y'know what I think? ... I think A dint git it.)