Friday, April 28, 2006

7. The Place of Refuge

Moved here, as "Rebuilding the Tower: the rivival of paganism," at Historic Christianity.



dilys said...

The City of Refuge is an unfamiliar theme. In the old hymns, lots of the eventual "Zion," but on our way we need to daytrip from one COR to the next, sort of like those boomer bicycle tours of Tuscany from one inn to the next. I read recently from an expatriate that Tuscany looks great in pictures, on the ground it's mosquito-y and briar-y.

I've always been drawn to architecture, and Christopher-Alexander-type shaping of the city. What would a City of Refuge, today, built by 21st-Century hands, look like? Merciful, free of the lies of "Social Justice," a waystation to real justice. On the other hand, Mohammed Atta was studying urban planning, the restoration of ancient cities.

Really like your work. The only intelligent voice I know keeping watch on ramparts built for me in a rural missionary school full of cruel zealots who staged in "Prophecy Conferences" in lieu of spring vacation. All the way through to Harvard, I discovered equal -- if subtler -- cruelty but absent the heady and consoling underpinnings. I re-discovered and sincerely embraced the Story, in technicolor, in recent conversion to Orthodoxy.

Jack H said...

The more you look into it, the more all those arcane symbols in the OT turn out to be types. Really powerful. Almost like there was some overarching intelligence behind the whole thing. Almost like there was a plan. Hmm. Maybe there's something to this "religion" thing.

So good ol' Mo Atta was into urban planning, eh? Something to do with rebuilding Babylon, perhaps? Wheels within wheels.

Ah, cruel zealots and their big black books. All the better to thump you with. "Hey, dewd, forget Cabo - let's crash in Zion! Paaaaardy!!"

ELAshley said...

What a great Type you describe here! Only the death of the High Priest could wash away a blood debt? With Christ being the perfect Antitype? I never saw this before. Thanks for the insight.

Jack H said...