Friday, April 14, 2006

In Brief

Charles Krauthammer says it perfectly:

"Blacks were owed. For centuries they had been the victims of a historic national crime. The principal crime involved in the immigrant crusade is the violation of immigration laws by the illegals themselves.

"To be sure, that is not a high crime. But it does not behoove one who has stealthily stolen into another's house to then make demands about rights -- or to march under the banner of 'The National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice.'

"Justice? On what grounds do those who come into a country illegally claim rights? They seek good will and understanding. And Americans might give it -- but on request, not on demand."

Yes. Exactly. Believe me. They do not want justice. It is the last thing they want. They want injustice. Well, we try not to do that, here. And if we do, we try to remedy it. So you see, a conflict.

They have no legal claim. They have no case. They have only emotion - this is what we want! Neither the tantrum of several weeks ago, nor this week's more studied and cynical and manipulative affair (oh, so many American flags! How patriotic!), will suffice. It is, after all, a very simple question. Whose country is this, anyway? The answer is simple, too. My country.


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