Sunday, April 2, 2006

A Joke

Question: How many Islamists does it take to set off a nuke?
Answer: Just one ... but he has to be an Islamist!


I know, it's a good one. Cracks me up. 'Cause it's, like, so true, y'know? But seriously dudes, this brings up a serious thing, dude. 'Cause there's this thing called like suitcase nukes, um, like a really big atom bomb, only little, in like a basket or something, y'know? Downer, right? It's like, uh, something that just one guy could like carry, in a backpack or something like that? I mean, like over the border or something, y'know? Oh! Hey! I just thought of something! What a trip! Man, it's like, some dude with a nuke could walk over the border! Like this border that all these dudes is crossing all the time over every night? These illegal dudes? Like, um, these undocumented dudes? Man! Wow, that's like totally heavy! 'Cause it ain't like, uh, just only this illegal documented protest thing. It's like, um, like about security, too. Wow, dude, that's heavy. Like a total bummer. Somebody ought to say something to like these politicians or something.



nisa said...

Funny, how it's not funny at all.

Jack H said...

Indeed. I am in complete accord with your gnomic assessment. Not a light, or frivelous, matter. No place, for fiestas, here.