Saturday, May 6, 2006


Some years ago I lured some Jehovah’s Witnesses into my lair. I went out and found them. (I know – don’t say it.) We met several times in my home, and then they failed to return. It couldn’t have been because I was rude. Very polite, I was. But what I did do was to listen to their claims, and then go off to the library – yes, this was more than just a few years ago – and research what they said. Then next week I’d present them with written copies of my findings. I recall they gave me a simple little cartoon-like booklet, and I tore through that and did the same thing. Well I’ve had two such papers stored away for quite some time now, and I suppose I may as well share them. Not doing any good in the dark, are they.

The first that I’ll post – by far the most important – is on the “personhood” of the Holy Spirit. It is a doctrine of the JWs that the HS is a “force.” Well, if so, the idea of the Trinity is a canard. Important, indeed. So I’ll be posting that in five parts: the introduction, the personal attributes which support the orthodox view, the historical evidence, the “impersonal” attributes JWs use as evidence for their claim, and the conclusion.

Of less importance, but interesting to me, is the claim that Jesus was crucified not on a plus-sign cross – or a T cross (which in fact he was) – but rather on a single post or “stake.” This will be posted in three parts, of the biblical evidence, historical evidence, and the conclusion.


The Holy Spirit: Person of "Force"


Part 1: Personal Attributes

Part 2: Historical Evidence

Part 3: "Impersonal" Attributes


These studies are not of general interest. Overly-specific, too long, closely reasoned, and reliant on nice points. But it is in the details that a case is proven.
And, vestigial from its JW origins, you will find much UNDERLINING!!! and other helpful emphases!!! I wanted to be clear, for them. Ah, youth.

For all this, however, it should be out there, simply as a resource, if not great literature. And now, it is!



dilys said...

As a new Eastern Orthodox, I am coming up against the undiluted dogma of the Trinity in a new way. I have enormous respect for the systemic perfection of the doctrine, and its impact on everything (and I do mean everything). At the same time, it took some major philosophical cohones to get down with that in the first place. Your explication of the martyrdom of Stephen, and of the rainbow, is new to me. I wonder if The Fathers go there in their writings too.

The last clause of the Nicene Creed in affirming the Holy Spirit: "who spake by the Prophets."

I enjoyed the discussion of Three Persons, and Their [shared] Nature, in The Christology of Cyril of Alexandria and Its Contemporary
Implications, by William Witt, an orthodox Episcopalian (without portfolio, in today's apostate denomination).

Jack H said...

"Orthodox Episcopalian" ... a fresh oxymoron.

Nicene Creed would have been too late for me to have gone into, in this. It was part of that great apostacy we heretics are part of.