Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Aloha State; or, What We Don’t Expect

In June of 1959, 94% of Hawaiians voted for statehood, and the flag was finished. It seems, however, that the Civil War did not decide the question, is it possible to subtract stars from the flag?

In 1993, with typical clintonian hubris, clinton signed a resolution apologizing to native Hawaiians for the US’s part in deposing Queen Liliuokalani a hundred years before. clinton was so very good at issuing apologies, wasn’t he. As we must expect, clinton - who unlike the queen did not abdicate - managed in his resolution to divide the people of Hawaii along racial lines. It’s what he does. He excited untoward passions. It’s what he does.

Upshot? Our Elders in Washington will be considering S. 147, the so-called Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, which would “permit the creation of an exclusively race-based government of 'native' Hawaiians to exercise sovereignty over native Hawaiians living anywhere in the United States. This government would be treated as a separate but dependent nation, just as many Indian tribes are. It also would have the right to exempt itself from any parts of the Constitution it didn't agree with.”

Congress does not have the Constitutional power or authority to create new governments or nations and then exempt them from the Constitution. And nevermind the 14th Amendment problems. Native – meant as a racial term, rather than merely indicating place of birth – Hawaiians would be allowed to implement a race-based governing structure, ensured by a racial database created and maintained by the Federal government.

Some think it’s a bad idea. It sounds like a really good idea to me. But I’m an Aryan, so it would. I mean, the Scandinavians did settle America – Leif Ericson, Vinland … you know. Blue-eyed Indians along the Atlantic coast and in Canada … come on! - work with me. So I, sharing blood as I do with my Indian Aryan brothers, hope only to benefit from such race-based governing. I understand Akaka’s motives perfectly. My people have been oppressed by the man long enough! Power to the people. Down with Amerikkka! Or up with it – I’m a little confused.

When asked if his measure could lead to Hawaiian separatist independence, the bill's sponsor, Senator Akaka, a Democrat racist – but I repeat myself – told NPR, “I'm leaving it up to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.” You see, by pretending that any move in that direction would only be realized a hundred or a million years from now, we just don’t have to think about it. But you will have noticed the problem. We have, in the United States Senate, an elected official who acknowledges the fact that his bill opens the door for the State of Hawaii to secede from the Union. Ah – the South shall rise! Hawaii is after all the southernmost state.

While the Senate on the one hand is clearing the way for southern invaders to assume the full rights of citizens, on the other hand it is considering exempting certain citizens from the onerous obligations of the Constitution and the tiresome burden of US citizenship. Irony? Not at all. Very consistent. The US is only a concept, a made up idea that can be mutated or distorted at will. Constitution? A list of suggestions.

Oh. Did I say consistent? Yet what we mustn’t expect is consistency. I’ve repeated the maxim, politics is the art of the possible, and this is most certainly true. But it should be clarified: the art of politics is the art of the possible. Politics itself is a compromise between home-invasions and prostitution. It’s all about illicit penetrations, I guess. Rather like our immigration policy. Or a certain former president.

Reports have it that six Republicans are in support of the bill, giving it the necessary 51 votes to pass.

Ave, America, atque vale.


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