Sunday, June 11, 2006


I just figured something out.

Terrorists don't love their children.



Wandering Through... said...

How, pray tell, did you come to that conclusion?

Jack H said...

It has to do with what they're willing to sacrifice for the cause, and how. It isn't a statement I want to defend - hence the brevity.


ELAshley said...

I'm reminded of a song... early eighties... Reagan... Cold War...

"And what might save us
Me and you
Is if the Russians love
Their children too..."


Sadly, there seems to be no such sense of.... rational thought?... within the community muslim mind.

I believe they love their children, but they don't place the same value on our children... to them, our boys and girls are no better than dogs. This is perhaps the most limiting view/perception they hold.

Jack H said...

Oddly, the Russians are famous for loving their children. I suppose I should expand on the theme. I didn't mean Moslems - I expect they are as human as we are. But terrorists, of any ilk, sacrifice anything and everything for that one single cause. We love many things - liberty, family, God, ice cream, Bill Clinton, etc. To be a terrorist requires such an absolute degree of fanaticism that there is nothing that will not be sacrificed for the cause. Witness "Um Nidal" - in my *Chorus.*

Off she sends her young sons to expode along with some random Jews. I can see sending my son to war. I don't see myself sending him to deliberate death for an abstract notion supposedly achieved by randomly targetting non-combatants.

As with so many things, bin Laden is right when he sums up his belief. They love death more than the lives of their children. I love my children more than I love life. They will sacrifice their children for their cause. I will sacrifice myself for my children. They fight not to make the future better, but to kill the enemy. We fight that our children may have a better life than we have.

To so supress the natural affections for an abstract theory is no new thing. Marxism and its derivatives are clear examples. Any revolutionary idea, I suppose, demands this sort of squashing of the natural for the ideal. Even Jesus said there is a reward in leaving for His sake mother and father and wife and children (Mk 10:29). That is a hard teaching. But it is not a teaching to cause their *death*.

Ah well. Down with bad guys! Boo!