Wednesday, July 5, 2006

The Lord Raised Up a Deliverer

Moved to 10/10/07.



Ordinary Janet said...

Wow, this blew me away! What a great post!

North Korea is creepy, isn't it? Like some sort of bad horror movie. The people are probablyso oppressed they don't know they're oppressed.

delftsman3 said...

"operation Ehud" I Rike it Rorge!

I don't know that the South Koreans would go along with it though....after all, having a monster on your border is good for maintaining discipline in your populace, and all that money that our troops stationed there bring in...

Plus the fact that the populace of NoKo IS so thoroughly indoctrinated, just what would the populace as a whole do if the power structure just simply vanished one day?

Not that it's a reason not to consider such an operation, but they are factors that need to be considered in the planning and execution thereof.

Jack H said...

OJ - Yeah. Nice to know there's a King Cockroach, though, eh? Just one pointy-toed shoe and even the corners won't be safe for him. And Bush must wear cowboy boots, don't you suppose? Go git 'em, George.

D - I added a link to the post, referring back to Ehud. He's my hero! I don't know, about the usefulness of K.J.I, though. I think a more distant enemy, like, say, US, would be a smarter choice. We aren't after all, actually crazy. I can't say what the effect of having a million northern dwarfs charging down upon someone would be, But the threat of it doesn't seem to be engendering a love...for US. How odd. I seem to recall student protests againsts us, a while back. How sharper than a serpents tooth, what?