Saturday, September 9, 2006

Internal Validity

Stole this personality test from EL at Pocket Mumbles. Yes, I do have a personality. A big one. All the chicks think it's hot. Oh Jack, they say, we just love your hot sexy personality. Oooh, if it were an actual thing all us hot chicks would love to run our fingers through it. Yeah. Just like that. Mmmm.


So, guess what world leader I am?

But you just knew that already. There was a problem though, to my way of thinking. This was the same result that EL got. What, is there only one possibility? We're all Einsteins? No, I think not. I mean, half of everybody is below average, so that ain't right. So I ran a little test of the test, and just filled out the questions randomly. Guess who.

Ta dah! Somehow, when you think about it, it has a certain inevitability about it, doesn't it.


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