Thursday, October 5, 2006

Just a Friendly E-mail

dear billy --

hi! its me! mark! so how r u? im sitting here in the well having 2 vote on sum stupid bill or sumthing. sum boring old thing about immigration. yawn. lol. but gotta vote or the constituents get mad n not erect me.

o hey so i noticed u looking my way this morning. so whats up with that dude? maybe sumthing on ur mind? i want u 2 no my door is always open 2 u young pages. u cn come in my back door n e time u want, u young boiz. im here 2 help. the help n attention of older man is always useful. im sure theres a lot i cn teach u. i luv 2 get boiz off 2 a good start. i luv to get boiz off that way.

so do u have n e pix of urself? ive got 1 4 u that ill trade u 4. its not the usual boring old 1s that we give out 2 r constituents. this 1 i save 4 my special friends. would u like 2 b my special friend? like i sed im queer 2 help.

i was noticing how built u r. do u work out? i bet u play football. or r u a swimmer? i bet ur hard. i like swimmers and swimming. so hard n smooth n hairless the way the water drips over ur nipples. i have a pool at my townhouse maybe u n some of ur hard young friens like 2 use it? let me no n ill make sure no 1 is around n u can use it n e time u want im sure ull find a way 2 thank me. lol. theres always beer in the fridge. technically i dont no how old u r, but im sure u no what u want. i no what i want. u no what i mean. dont pretend

dont u think all these laws about wut people cn and cant do r dumb? wut a drag always having 2 pretend. a real bummer right dude? i think we should jus let r hair down n let it all hang out

u no sitting here voting on these bills really makes me stiff. i no u young studs r always looking 2 pick up sum extra cash n i was thinking maybe u could give me a rub down? ill drop bi the long later n maybe pick u up? no meet me around the corner at that newsstand -- u know the 1 that way no 1 will see us together. dont want n e of ur buds 2 get jealous. u no how they r. getting the wrong idea that i like u most. even though its tru. ill let u drive. u cn sit in my lap and steer. u dont mind a bumpy ride do u?

i think ur sumthing special n id like 2 help u. so ull send me sum pix right? dont b shy. in fact do u have n e of urself swimming? i dont mean swimming i mean just in trunks? thats not unusual at all. im doing a survey of athletics 4 a bill im writing is the reason. nothing anal in that at all. without trunks would be even better 4 my important congressional research.

o looks like i have 2 get up n give a speech. all this writing n thinking about u has made me stiff. standing up now. boi could i use a hand. luv u 2 rub me down like i sed.

so well talk. take care billy.

Ur Special Friend,

The Honorable Mark Foley

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