Thursday, November 9, 2006

Who Are These People?

Our new Overlords, I understand. But who are they?

We here at FP™ have put our crack archivists to work digging up data, and our think tank has been busy cogitating non-stop for the past 38 hours, in an attempt to divine what the future will hold.

Here are the results -- tentative, but with a high probability of accuracy:

Is this the guy on CSI? George Clooney's pimply younger brother? The hear-no-evil monkey?

The school nurse at JFK Alternative Learning Center, Topeka, Kansas:

Captain Hornblower is on the bridge:

They've unwrapped the mummy of Anwar Sadat:

The invisible man:

He kept us out of war. In a paradoxical appeal to both pro-war conservatives and anti-war liberals, they've cloned an anorexic Woodrow Wilson. Or is it Pa Kettle?

Deliverance? Squeal, little piggy? Nuff said.

So Larry Flint did get into politics:

Not the frog, not the prince -- but "The Big Bee-Effer" will kiss either:

The Kingfish:

The Phantom of the Opera:

He owned a junk yard in the '70s. Fond of ejaculating, "Shutup, dummeh" -- dwah da DUH da...:

Ms. Bigbird. Skulletor. What's that smell? I see dead people.

It seems that Hollywood is more active in politics than ever. We'll be governed, for the most part, by either fictional characters or by zombies. Interesting times.

What's that? A rogues' gallery? You might very well think so. I couldn't possibly comment.


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