Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Tricks

Young A got my back today and just about finished the old man. I am of two minds about this. In the past year and a half, only one white belt ever got me more than once -- C (and until he got his blue belt two weeks ago -- same day as me -- he was the Gracie World Champion of White Belts ... for real). I like that, what with my gigantic and well-deserved ego. I am frequently observed to declaim in a stentorian voice that no one can beat me: I am unbeatable, because I'm so good. But I will be very proud of any of the young guys, when they finally do catch me. Very proud indeed. And they will get me. I'm stronger and longer, but they're faster and more agile, and that's going to make the difference. They learn faster too -- although nowadays it's coming together pretty well in my old brain.

So I wasn't taking A very seriously. Not a disrespect thing -- really more of an allowing of opportunity for him, and consequently for me. He took the chances that I gave him, and ran with them. Good for him. It was beautiful. Why he's not a blue belt I do not know. Passed my guard, took my side, and pow, he was on my back locking in a pretty tight choke. If he'd pulled back my head -- checking the fever, we call it -- he'd have done it. Instead he tried to stretch me out. Well, I've got six inches on him, and twenty pounds, and I'm a pretty tough old piece of leather, for all that I pretend otherwise. Discomfort isn't going to do it. I was tempted to tell him at the time. But that would have been giving it to him. He has to take it from me.

I managed to pull out of it. He needed a break -- it's hard work, holding the back -- and the second round ended quick. Got him into a triangle and finished it. Had to be serious, that time.

Use what you've got, eh? I've got strength. My whole game is keep them close. When they figure out how to keep distance, I'm in for it. K, the purple belt, knows it. I do pretty well against R, the other purple belt. He lets me stay close. Must be his game, too. But K just runs around me -- it's like he's the second hand and I'm the minute hand. I'm like the fat kid: Hey wait for (wheeze) me guys -- not so (gasp) fast! On the other hand, I'm learning to be more aggressive. Grrr. Watch out, when I finally figure out how to turn it on at will.

That's what it's about. The challenge. A is a challenge, now. And it was a whole different Jack, that second time. Focused and full of intent. I like that Jack. Hope to see more of him. If we do, look out, fellas. This old dog bites.



J.T. said...

"I'm like the fat kid: Hey wait for (wheeze) me guys -- not so (gasp) fast!"


Jack H said...

Yeah, right. Everything's about you. Sheesh. Just glad I wasn't talking about my love life.


j.t. said...

Nothing about your love life better be about me!!!

Jack H said...

Dear Secret Internet Diary:

Oh! I'm all aflutter! You-know-who SMILED at me today!!! He's sooooo cute!!! If only I could tell him how I REALLY feel. But he's so stern and masculine. That's so HOTTT. I keep dropping hints, but he just doesn't get it. It's fairy flusterating. What's a boy to do? I am desolated. Maybe Monday I'll just come out with it. *Hey, J, you know I think you're really HOTTT and I want to GETTT with you.* I think I could just laugh it off if he takes it the wrong way. But the thought of his big strong hands and his searing sultry latin eyes ... ooooohhhh! I can't go on.

Secretly yours,