Sunday, October 5, 2008


I saw you yesterday. You were walking by a riverbank. The water slid along imperceptibly beside you, smooth and flat and blue as twilight. You were naked from swimming, droplets still slipping down your back. The sunlight made your skin glow like you were translucent. You were beautiful.

I stood watching on the far side of the water and I couldn’t come to you. I called your name, and you were close enough to hear but you didn’t turn. Then you stopped. I called again and you moved your head as if catching the scent of flowers. You didn’t look across at me. I was in the shadow of the trees, and I thought if I could get into the sunlight I might catch your eye. But you looked into the water and nodded at some private thought.

A warm breeze stirred the grass at your feet and I knew you were curling your toes into the earth. I could see that you were smiling. The light fell over you like a mantle of tender flames, and I loved you.

Then you turned and walked away from the river, your back to me. It took a long time for you to pass from sight. You never looked back.


bumped from 3/25/07


brent said...

It took me a few days but I think I got it.

At least you saw her. There is hope in that.

Jack H said...

Why does everything have to be sex with you people? It's disgusting.

Guess the Guest said...

Why does everything have to be sex with you people?

because if we were to have a better understanding, to make a deeper connection with you, you would find the contact unbearable.

so you, heh, *thrust* us away.

Jack H said...

Oh, you're just bad.