Saturday, April 21, 2007

From My Mountaintop

What, you thought I was kidding? I'm fasting. My flesh seems to be thinking it's awfully important, and I figure I need to put it in its place. We get caught up in our appetites, don't we. Calls for a little reminder about priorities.

It was a positive act of will this morning not to go roll. Madness, it would have been. There I was, up and teetering at the doorstep, quivering like a magnificent thoroughbred at the gates, and only by a colossal wrenching of my prodigious self-control and wisdom and uh smartitude and stuff was I able to pull back from that perilous brink! There's diminishing returns, then there's flogging a dead horse. As it were. Here I am always blathering on about sensible exercise, and I won't take any time off. But that's what all that noise was about addiction. I, however, unlike the rest of mere humanity, am above my addictions. They can be addicted to me. I will never be a recovering addict. Recovered. Recovered addict. No, it's not hubris. Of course one might fall into old negative patterns. But if words have power, then choose them carefully. I am not a victim. I am a victor. Thus, swinging the ponderous weight of my mighty intellect to confront the issue, and heaving my indomitable will to the fore, I resolved to give my wavering flesh a respite from both the rigors of exertion and the chore of digestion.

Maybe I'll eat tomorrow. I don't want to go all anchorite right now. Just simple fare though. Leave out the oils and proteins. Did you know that broccoli has more proteins than sugars? The numbers always vary depending on sources, but I just looked it up and this time it's 1.7g sugars and 2.82g protein per 100g. And spinach! It has 0.4 for sugars, and 2.9 for protein! Atkins was a retard.

I'm thinking that a little fast might do some good for the aches. A little good, cuz it's a little fast. Can't do anything longer since I'm planning -- still planning -- on competing next Sunday. I've been really rundown these past few weeks, but just wouldn't slow down. As I say, not so wise, since the quality of my efforts is not at all high. If I didn't ache so much I could do much more convincing standup. But as I've said, my rolling isn't about getting a skill. So a small fast, and two whole days in a row of rest, and maybe I'll feel a little more human. Well, let's be honest. It's me we're talking about after all. As usual. Maybe I'll feel a little more superhuman. Ahhh.

So? That's it then. What else is there to say? Move along, there's nothing else to see here. Move along.


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