Friday, April 20, 2007

News Cycle

Yesterday, or maybe the day before, I heard on the radio that 130 people had been exploded in Baghdad that day. One really big bomb and maybe some smaller ones. You'll have to excuse my vagueness. There was only that one announcement on the news that I heard, and I didn't quite catch all the details. Not enough to remember. I need repetition to really get facts down solid. Wow, imagine, though. All those people killed with just two or three bombs. What if something like that happened here? We'd never hear the end of it I bet. You'd think that any such negative news would really get played up, not just because blood sells for a good price, but because it all just goes to support the idea that we've lost the war in Iraq, like the media is always telling us. Maybe something more important was in the news, though, that crowded out that particular story.

Oh yeah, I remember now. That thing about that guy at that college back east. He went crazy and stuff. Killed like 32 people. Or maybe it was the guns that did the killing. Anyway I think I got the number right. It's been repeated so often. Downgraded from 33, but I suppose they've got the facts straight now. Somebody must have just looked dead. Or maybe they stopped counting the killer. Hey! I just thought of something. Like, 32 is almost exactly one-forth of 130! Isn't that ironic? I bet it would be exactly one forth, if there were such a thing as half a person. But that's ridiculous. There's no such thing as half a person. Everybody is equal in the eyes of God, right?

And remember like last year? That dude Mohammad Taheri-azar? Drove his Jeep into a bunch of students at some college in North Carolina. What's up with them easterners? Oh, I don't mean like ethnic easterners. Like Middle or Far Eastern. Dude, that would be totally racist, and we're all equal in the eyes of God. No, what I meant was them east coast college dudes. Cuz Virginia is like right near North Carolina. It's like right above it or below it or something. Well, it couldn't be right below it. That would be South Carolina. Unless it's one of those East Virginia deals -- I mean West Virginia, which is really northwest West Virginia I think, when you think about it. Sort of squeezed off to the side, so maybe Virginia could be right below North Carolina, and South Carolina could be below it too, and next to Virginia. I suppose I could look it up, but I could look up the details of those Baghdad bombings too. If it's not important enough for the news to report all day long, though, why bother. Anyways, how many did that Mohammad kill with his SUV? Oh well, why bother. It was so long ago. Old news. Like that Baghdad thing all those days ago. And wasn't there something earlier this week about some dude who shot a bunch of people? And can you believe what Imus said?

I heard a fellow say that on Monday he heard about Cho's rampage, and processed it, and then had to go to some meetings. Afterward he couldn't remember where he'd parked his car. Had a panic attack. Never happened to him before. He had the self-awareness to realize that it was really about the shootings. I'm not like that. It comes as no surprise to me at all. Same deal with 9/11. Nine Eleven, which was almost one hundred times more deadly than the spectacle that young Mr. Cho managed to produce. That would make it about twenty five times more deadly than the above referenced bombings in Baghdad. As you can see, I'm a prodigy at keeping things in perspective. I try to be emotional only about things that affect me directly. Is that selfish? I call it ... realism.

The world is full of pain. Jesus has to feel it. I don't.

And Mr. Cho? I don't need to have any emotion about him. He's in hell now, and that is sufficient justice for me. Compassion for him? Forgiveness? Healing? First, he had enough pity for himself. That well must be dry. Forgiveness? It is for the victims to forgive. I mean the ones who are still alive. You and I are not sinned against, so need not forgive. Healing? Wasn't there a pretty poem by that blonde black woman, about us being Virginia Tech and laughing again? There it is then. By this poem we are healed. We hardly needed to feel the wounds at all. Those of us who actually were wounded, I mean.

As for Mr. Cho, possessed of a human genome, he was of course human. As much as, say, an unborn baby is human. Bad example though, what with fetuses being subject to termination as a matter of choice. Fetuses cannot terminate themselves, or others, as did Cho. Well, they say we all have a spark of the divine in us. Something of the image of God.

Mohammad of the SUV killed, or tried to kill, for his god, Allah. The generic mohammads of islamism have their cleansing rites of Allah down to a science, or rather to a theology. Cho killed and killed and killed and killed again and again, for his own god. What is it with these assholes, always killing for their gods?

God can do His own killing.


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