Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thas right looser!!!!!!

Hooah! Yeeeeah!!! In yer face!!! Double Bronze, dude. In yer face!!! I'm the third most dangerous man west of the mississiipppispi!!!!!!!! How bout yu, louser??? Nothing??!? Nothing.! I?\m so sad for you. Yep. Woo!! But I can whip anybodys ass who was born before the Carter error!! Hahahaah!! If theire midle waite!!!! and not if theyre the one's who can beat me..

Whoo HOO!!! Branze, baby -- double Broanze!! Braonze is mush better than gold or silver. They named a whole historical period after bronze dude. But you didn't know that did you. Pathetic. Gold aint nothin. You just dig them out of the gorund. You have the MAKE brongze, dude. Like it took them thousands of years to figure out how to make bronze. In fact we only rediscovered the technology like in the 1930s. So Brozne rules!!!!

you just find gold, like mushrooms lying around. That aint nothing. Pigs dig up mushrooms. So you just go eat your truffles, Monsewer Pigget, and then git in line for me to kick you're ass. An its double bronze too!!! That's like a biblical prophexy. Thje witness of two or twree. God confirms it. Didn't moses prophexy about me? I think it's in laviticus. "And he shall come beareing two mighty metals of bronze, and kick the asses of all the evil doeers with a mighty smiting and there shall be a grate weeping and nashing of teeefh'. Aman!!!!

I'm goona retire and stand around on streetcorners and whistle at the hot chicks who are now all so hot for me cuz I'm such a badass. And they'll be like all ho jack yu are so cool and stuff and AI'll be like hey back off bich git off me and give me some room. And I'll drive a cadalac limoseen all tricked out with gold no with bornze rims and fluffy purple carpet on the seets and it will be so cool. That's where I'll live.

So woo hoo. An did I say yer a looser? But I won a match!!! an only lost two, so that makes me a wienner!!! hahahahaaa!!! big

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