Friday, May 25, 2007

Self Improvement

Hey, look at what my son, my wonderful son just sent me:

I've been working out pretty well lately, solid gains in strength. Anyway, I bought a sandbag kit from Ironmind to start doing sandbag workouts. I loaded it with 165 or so, and I'm one of 2 people that can clean and press it. The other guy is about 25 lbs heavier then I am, and older by 5 years or so. But the 1st sergeant, in charge of the company, saw me lift it, and noticed my strength levels were high. He then proceeded to tell the urinalysis guy to put me on the next "random" piss test, because I was 'too strong for my size' and that he thought I was doing steroids. lol. It's kind of insulting, but I guess most people just don't have a sense of what consistent strength training can do.




Yeah, there's a way that it is pretty insulting. But it's a sort of compliment, too. And it's instant "street cred," as the kids say nowadays. Instant authority. Of course, he is my son. That means, in case you can't figure it out, that there's no chance that he'd be using steroids. Please. Although I am thinking about getting a nipple ring. I don't know, it just appeals to me, more and more. A ring, through my nipple. Way cool, dude. Who'da thought it? I'm just sitting here imagining all the perts ... perks. Women will fear me and men will desire me. Boss stuff like that. Ah, all the wonderful ways my life will improve, when I get it. Yes, it seems I've just made the shift, from thinking about it to having decided. Far out. We still say "far out," right? I feel so liberated. The man ain't gonna keep me down no more.

So if I want to use steroids, well that's just my thing, narc, so deal with it.


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