Saturday, May 19, 2007


Islam is the religion of lies.

Mohammad is a false prophet.

Allah is Satan.



Heh heh. Uh, what I meant is, um, that Islam is the religion of peace. Good thing them Moslims respect diversity of opinion, eh? Or else, huh, I'd be in trouble, if they found out I where I live at. Tolerance. Yep. Toleration. Uh huh. Yessiree. Heh.

Cuz I'd just hate to think that my Seven 11 is on it's way!!! Boo!!! Down with, uh, with whatever it is that we're all so against. Boo I say, and boom again!!!!!!! Down with Fort Dix, and transcontinental flight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Down with the Serbs, or is it the Albanians -- well, whichever. We don't have a dog in that fight, because we don't have dogs. They're unclean. Like pigs. Americans are pigs, like that Paris Hilton. That proves it. Is she a Jew? She looks like a Jew. Down with the Jews. Boo!!!

Well, anyway. Just thought I'd undo the obvious errors I started with. Clearly, Islam is not a religion of lies, and Mohammad is not a false prophet, and Allah is not Satan. It would be narrow and bigoted to think such an opinion in my head, and fatal to express it outloud with words. No need to lose one's head over such a thing. I'd rather switch than fight.

So remember, for all your tobacco enjoyment needs, think Tareyton! Walk a mile for a taste that's good like a cigarette should, here in flavor country! Enjoy a cooler kind of mild! Not a cough in a carload! Just what the doctor ordered! You've come a long way, baby! Blow some my way! Taste me, taste me! -- c'mon and taste me!!! Aaah! Now that's a smoke!


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