Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On Why My Race Is Superior

You know it’s true. By every conceivable measure, my race is best. There's no comparison. At all. It's so obvious. Only a fool would think otherwise. There are those uncertain souls who would have it otherwise, but they are blinded by their own, most likely correct, self-loathing, or by their self-deluding insecurities. There are those who actually try to argue for the superiority of some other race, or of every other race, over mine. It is, as every clear thinking person must know, tantamount to insanity. It is a kind of moral insanity, as of someone incapable of separating reality from delusion.

I'm absolutely serious. I mean every word of it. No other race has achieved what mine has. There is nothing whatsoever, in the slightest, by way of literature or science or any intellectual pursuit at all that can match what we have done. Other races have some small accomplishments in music, in architecture, perhaps a few other endeavors -- but these are as nothing compared to my people.

We might use the other, inferior races for our pleasure, as indeed we do -- or for unskilled labor. They are suited for exploitation. We might study them, and be edified for it -- as the study of plants is edifying. But we might be excused for seeing their irrational animalistic gibberings as absurd or amusing. The crueler of us -- for we are capable of cruelty -- might view them with contempt. It seems a waste of emotion, to me. Why have feelings about things that are inferior? It’s doubtful that they even have souls.

What, you think I’m kidding? I am completely serious. My race is inestimably more valuable than any other. My race. The human race.

What? What did you think I meant? Oh. You thought I was talking about the amount of melanin in someone’s skin? How would that be important? That's just crazy. The shape of a nose, the texture of hair, the color or shape of an eye? This? This is what you think is important? That’s just a little sad. Kind of pathetic. I feel a little sorry for you.

The human race. In contrast to the simian race, or the equine or the bovine race. The race of finches, of frogs. The piscine race, in all its variations. Birds make music of a sort, no question. Bees make hives, and termites construct elaborate mounds, and prairie dogs have their towns. No actual creation. No art, no innovation. That animal rights activists and radical environmentalists put such facts forwards as proof of anything other than the power of instinct demonstrates an incapacity for critical thought almost on a par with ... well, with animals. Dumb beasts. You know -- incapable of actual grammatical speech. Incapable of independently transcending the power of instinct. Incapable of higher abstract thought. Animals.

Why would you make that mistake? Were you somehow confused by the word race? I’m using it in the sense of a class categorized by a distinguishing or characteristic quality -- in this case, that of self-awareness in the children of Adam. It really cannot be such a rare usage. Not uncommon at all, in fact. The human race.

You need to ask yourself what it is in your own thinking that would unjustly impute the foul, the vicious offense of bigotry onto someone else -- someone who clearly does not hold such vile mental perversions. Yes, it’s undeniable that there are twisted minds in the world. Have I given evidence of that? If not, why did you slander me in your heart? It's no small thing. You should be ashamed.


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