Monday, August 27, 2007


Thas right baby!! its my birday!!!! Hooah! yessss!! in ur fasssssse!! Dont cry little sorry looser, for ur mommy!! haha1111 FORTEY ATE!!!! thast the bes t age to bee ever!! its like aprime nummer!!!! frieaking Avogadrros number of the goldin mean!!!!es i mean fibanaccios like pinoccio!!!

An all my buds got a cack for me to eat!! an then they waneed some and I was all hey bitches this is MY crack not yers git ur own if you want some cake bitch. Cuz how would it be MY cake if they ate it too?!11! Idiot loosers!!!!!

An thenn no one woujld roll with me cuz im to good for them lidtal puccy biatchus an i just sat their wating like a bitch an then I left but im havin a pardy by my self and its great!!!##!!

Cuz im so hairy they are afraid of me an how good i am and swety too!!! Thas so manly and macho just like what i reely am!! An all the chicks is so hot for me too! ! howah!!!!! cus im 488 and thats so good to be!!! !!!!!

There all like oh jack H u r so big in all the right palaces let us feel ur big mussles and rub are hans all over you and yur hair chest!! an im all yeah right bitch u do that and git me some toast!!! the big man wans what he wants!@!!

so its my barthday pardy with myself whoohaa!@!!
an now i hav to go to bEliz to renew my licsance becuz my lisance is espired for driving and i cant git one in the USA. a littal probelem regarding a certin incident a few yers ago. Hahaha. dam them computors!!

AN i HAVE a job now selling eggs by the onramp!!! so is the best bertday efvar!!!!! and yu can al go to hell!!!!

LoOSERAS!!!11!!! an im not5 alone tonite at all. people dcare about me!!!!! betchass


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