Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I've been looking around for some new enemy, some new monster to hate. That's what I'm about, you see, the hatred -- it invigorates me. It's like blood to a vampire. Yes, I'm sure that's an apt simile. So the islamists, of course. Man I hate them. And the lefties -- although that's more contempt ... almost pity. How can they be so stupid? And the illegals. The ones who have the decency to be ashamed aren't so bad. Like child molesters who hate themselves for it. They just can't help it though. They want to be happy. Like that.

Consider, then, Elvira Arellano. She broke into this country a decade ago (or would it be stole into?) to escape the open toilet of her own country. Well who can blame her? If I lived in a cesspool I'd want to be clean too. She was caught and deported, and crept in again. A felony, punishable by up to 20 years in prison. As if. She lied herself into a job cleaning airplanes at O'Hare. Hm. Illegals working at airports. Hm. I guess it's okay -- she loves this country so much and all, she'd never undermine its laws and customs. ... Oh.

Well anyways, she was convicted of identity theft, a felony. She was placed on three years probation (?!) after which she was supposed to leave (?!) -- cuz she's so trustworthy and honorable, y'see. Instead she took "sanctuary" in a "church" -- some weird cult, I can only assume, that hates the rule of law and the idea of borders and national sovereignty ... you know, evil stuff like that.

Last week she thought it would be smart to make a public appearance at an illegals rally (Rah rah rah! Down with the racist gringos! Viva la Raza! Give us what we want!) -- and thus she was finally, at long last, after very much delayed justice, arrested. The idiots on her side, which would be everyone on her side, argue that families should not be broken apart. I agree. Her anchor baby (who was born here after she had been deported and returned illegally) should go with her to Mexico. If family unity is such an issue, why didn't she stay with her family in Mexico? Their argument is sophistry.

Y'see, children suffer for the bad decisions of their parents. There is no argument here. It is prima facie true. The idea that we can rescue all children from all unhappiness is a sweet sentiment, but utterly fascistic. You might have to think about that for a moment. Young Saul Arellano, age 8, is a US citizen who currently enjoys the tax-payer provided healthcare that treats his ADHD and other medical problems; alas for him, he must perforce spend at least the next ten years living in Mexico, if he wishes the benefit of his mother's personal ministrations.

The boy has been manipulated -- molested -- by the "activists" (traitors and invaders) throughout the past year. Trotted out like a senile pope to stand under the klieg lights and mouth the pitiful words scripted to most efficiently generate false compassion. He has been propped up like a Christmas ornament at the head of race parades. (If Mexico is something to be proud of, why are they trying to come here?) Well, no matter. As with everything else, Elvira Arellano will use her own son to advance her selfish aims. Makes me wonder if the Antichrist might be female.

It must seem unjust to her, what with her vestigial understanding of justice. Isn't it odd how the law becomes important to her, when she thinks she can use it to manipulate things her way? Her anchor baby is technically a US citizen? This matters only because law matters -- law, which doesn't affect her conduct unless she feels like it.

What pearls of wisdom fall from the saintly lips of Ms. Arellano? "We immigrants need representation. The millions of Mexican immigrants who are living in the U.S. are being treated like criminals. I'm not a criminal. I'm a mother who worked to support my son in this country." Hm. She sounds so reasonable. Like Hitler at a torchlight rally -- who could argue? Who would dare?

Allow me to rephrase her words more accurately: We scofflaw line-jumping illegals demand special treatment because we feel ourselves both above the law and more entitled than the suckers who do things legally. The 12 to 15 million illegal Mexican illegals who have invaded the US are criminals, but so the fuck what? I myself am a convicted multiple felon. Deal with it, assholes. I am a cynical manipulator who wants to use her anchor baby to emotionally blackmail you stupid gringos into destroying the idea of national sovereignty. I don't mind stealing identities and using false documents to work illegally and thereby destroy the concept of a living wage for real citizens. I have a right to do anything that advances my selfish desires. Fuck you, Americans. You're racists. Viva la raza.

Fair? Seems fair to me. Probably a bit more articulate than what she's capable of, but maybe she's not so verbally vulgar. Her conduct is vulgar enough, though. Ingratitude, don't you know. Vulgar. "God," claims Ms. Arellano, "wants me to serve as an example of the hatred and hypocrisy of the current administration." Y'see, she can speak for God, too. I never noticed that God included the ungrateful and the false-accusers in his blessings. Fortunately, the example of which Ms. Arellano is at long last serving, is of what happens to arrogant brazen scum who get caught up in their own martyr fantasies. Hatred? Yes. Hatred of poison.

Elvira. Isn't that a vampire's name?


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