Saturday, August 18, 2007


I have watched in silent astonishment, and it has been quite some time since I felt compelled to interject, but I cannot ignore it any longer. He's just incredible. Unbelievable. Jack H. What a buffoon. He has a problem with evolution? Does he have a problem with gravity too?

You cannot say that what he does is argument -- dispositive assertion, rather. It is so because he says it is. He mentions the geologic column as if mentioning it proves he is competent in such matters. It just shows a genuine lack of "integrity," as he is always blabbering on about. The problem is not evolution, though, or any of his other pretensions to science and logic. His inconsistency is much deeper than any of that.

Casual sex? Do you believe it? From Mister Morality? From Mister Bible Believer? But of course. Because we always knew what it was about. Pretending. They're all the same. Like those gay priests. Gay is fine. Child molesting is not. That's what believing in this so-called "God" brings about. It's called "repression." Push it down and it just comes back up sick and nasty. You'd think the great wise "psychologist" would have been able to figure that out.

They're all the same, these fascist bible-thumper hypocrites. Pretending to be so moral and good, and all the time they're going at it like dogs with children. I don't suppose that's the noble Jack H's particular fetish, but it would be something like that.

Here's what I think. I think Jack H is gay. Have you noticed how he goes out of his way to make allowances? He talks about drives, and about understanding. He's so inexplicably reasonable. How liberal. How uncharacteristic. He's talking about himself, though. He's trying to justify himself. Did you notice how he's careful to leave out gender, when he talks about his desire? He thinks it's being subtle, I suppose, and honest. How obvious. What a phony.

Well you and I know that being gay is just fine -- just another way to be, like having red hair or big feet. But what would a right-winger like him do about it? He was born that way, and must just hate himself for it. No wonder he's always whining about how tortured he is. He's a pillow-biter who doesn't like the taste of feathers. He can't even admit it to himself. Oh, well, I suppose he admits it to himself, and to his boyfriend -- boyfriends. Do you suppose he likes them big and hairy? I bet so, with all that fantasy talk of his about "grappling". There's a give-away right there. Big fat hairy sweaty men dominating him like his daddy did. Pathetic.

You see, it's all right for me to point this out. Being gay is fine, but being gay and "conservative" is like being a Jewish Nazi. It is possible, but only in someone who is really truly twisted. And that, if nothing else, is the thing that screams out from the otherwise dull and always verbose mental droppings of Jack H. I bet that's what the mysterious H stands for. Jack Homosexual. It would be just like him, to suppose he's being cute. His real name is probably something like Festus Pickle. Yeah, there's your FP.

So, Jack Homo, let me straighten you out, as it were. To stop being such a pathetic antisocial loser you have to start to be honest, not in your secret coy little way, but flat out and open. Come out of your closet. Because it takes a lot of energy to pretend so hard. I bet you're not even fooling anyone.

That's probably why you don't have any friends. They can see through what a pretender you are, and it makes everyone sick. You pretend to be so smart, you pretend to be so manly, about how strong you are and all that BS -- and all the while you're this empty poseur with a big neon sign flashing over your head that says CLOSET QUEEN.

You know they're all laughing at you. You come into the room and everyone has to take a deep breath just to stand being around you. And you're always there, aren't you, at your precious bjj. Or is it just BJ for you? You wish -- all those strong young studs that you fantasize about.

First one there, last to leave -- you think people don't notice that? How does it feel to be the guy that everyone wishes would just fucking disappear? Try missing a day, would you? -- so they can breathe? But you can't, because you don't have a life. You probably live in your van or whatever you drive, with two shirts and two pairs of pants and you think no one notices. How did you get so fucked up? It would be disgusting if it weren't so pitiful. And by "it" I mean "you".

Your fantasy life won't save you. There is no God, the Bible is full of fairytales for losers who can't think for themselves, evolution is a fact no matter what your superstition tells you, global warming is a fact, Amerika is just another empire and pretty much the same as any other country only more corrupt and selfish, Islam is at least as beneficial as your precious Jesusanity, and you, Jackoff Hate, you are an aging gayboy who has to solicit drunks in barroom toilets so you can touch someone's genitals other than your own. So just keep pretending that it will get better somehow, even though every moment of your pathetic life you're just getting stupider and slower and weaker and uglier and more alone.

Yeah, Jack H -- it will get better someday. It will get better for us, the day you die.


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Jack H said...

What can I say. The virus is back. I was just going to ignore it. But let's go through the motions.

So I'm gay? And the evidence is my purported circumspection regarding gender? Well that's certainly compelling proof. Any other evidence? No? We'll just have to wonder then.

What I'm interested in is this "X"'s own inconsistency. If being gay is fine, then why is he using it as a charge against me? It's like he thinks there's something wrong with it. Isn't that supposed to be me? If someone is tormented with self-loathing because of the way they are genetically, wouldn't compassion be a more appropriate response? -- instead of mockery? Can't have it both ways. If you're liberal, then you can't use gay as a charge against conservatives -- no more than you could use being black against them. A black conservative isn't genuine? A gay conservative isn't ... what? -- a true gay? A true conservative? I don't see the connection between genetics and behavior or belief. That must be a liberal thing.

As for the rest of it, I hardly know what to say. It's just a pretty hateful attack. "X" has cherry-picked some of what I've written here, just to attack. I consider there to be an unspoken compact between myself and any reader. I say what I think is true, and anyone can engage me in the spirit of honest debate. To use my words as ammunition against me, simply to attack, is a betrayal, flat out. I am owed, here. I give honesty, and I expect integrity in return. X doesn't understand that, and disgraces himself for it.

That's all.