Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fortress al-Islam

Safety. Security. As if there were such a thing, or til now had been. Fortress Europe held no safety for Hitler. Fortress America? But fortresses need some sort of wall, some barrier, some means even if merely symbolic of inhibiting trespass. No. It seems that, contrary to the best scholarly opinion of the past several centuries, the world is flat. No prominences rise to mar the perfect surface of its plain. No impediment remains to inhibit travel. All rivers roll untroubled to the sea. All roads have been made straight. The heavens must once more be composed of crystalline spheres, every orb a geometric perfection, every orbit a perfect circle. Einstein and Planck are occluded, as Ptolemy and Euclid ascend. We have a lord upon his throne, and all is well.

It is a Golden Age. The time was ripe for the appearance of some avatar, some divine and perfect leader, a once-hidden and now-revealed Imam to rule in utter righteousness. Now the walls of Satan's fastness are laid low. The oceans have been spanned and the skies are filled with fleeting silver roads. The dry places are sweet with water, and nothing bars the way. The rising tides are turned back, the deserts cool and bright. Now there are no Babylons, no centers of commerce with music and all such corruptions, no females who show their flesh to rouse the passions of youth, no religions but the One.

America is remembered only as a name on a map, a geographical designation, like Amman or Mexico City. It had a border once, but such walls need strong arms to hold them up, and this proved too taxing for that ancient and extinct race. Once the southern wall fell the matter was settled, and when the dust cleared everything was different. They would not fight for what was theirs, so they would not fight at all.

Europe grew green beneath a crescent moon. Asia was red for a time, but when that blood dried and blew away, Islam had won the day. The rest was easy. America was hollow -- a great noise from an empty place. Just a matter of time. Oil, you know, and bombs. Conversion is the easy way, and the easy way is best. Every cross is broken. The evenings ring with prayer, and every head bows east. Every word is guarded. Every law is handed down from god. All is well. We are safe. Secure

It is a Golden Age. The world is god's fortress.

Allahu akhbar.


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