Friday, September 28, 2007

My Day

I’ve been taking care of some extended family stuff. That’s all the family I have anymore. So I wasn’t able to roll. Just as well. I’m so good, everyone is afraid of me. They all cower and avert their eyes when I go by. I’m a bad ass and they’re all afraid of getting an ass-whipping from me again. The ones who roll with me, that is. Most of them are too afraid. Cuz I’m so good, did I say? Yep. Really really good. It’s a bit of a bore, actually. Being so good. No challenges. It’s so easy for me. Cuz I’m great. Beating all these punks so easily. They’re all so pathetic. And I’m great. Awesome.

So I saw that Bill O’Reilly thing about the colored people restaurants. Apparently they’re safe to go into. That’s good. I was a little worried. Not that I like soul food. It’s all about the cheap parts of dead pigs. Not my thing. I’m an enlightened vegetarian. O’Reilly had the reverend jessie jackson on his show. Is he reverent? Or is it just revered. It actually was interesting. jackson was clearly unused to being confronted. But he conducted himself well. I was pleased to see that. A totally wrong-headed racist, but there must be hope for him. Cuz he’s not actually stupid. Just a race-hustling grievance-monger. Can’t blame him. It’s a nice living.

jackson wanted an explanation about some restaurant piece O’Reilly did. Started out without even a hello. Right to the confrontation. That was good. Get to the point. But it was so much of a nothing issue that all jackson could really focus on was about the perception of civility. Good point, if the context merits it. Didn’t here. But it led to an interesting discussion. Not just two eh-holes carping at each other.

O’Reilly made the correct point that the worst problem in the black community was fatherlessness. jackson seemed to be saying that the problem was the legality of semi-automatic weapons. Which do you think is the problem? Someone who would pull the trigger of any weapon that comes into hand? -- or someone who has been taught not to? If you put drugs in front of my son, they’d be there untouched when he left -- or in the toilet. But jackson himself “fathered” … sired … contributed the sperm to make a fatherless child some years back, I seem to recall. So of course it’s about guns, to him.

And then I found a gay porn site on the internet. It’s really interesting. I really liked it. A lot. I think I’ll be a gay. That’d be great. I’d love that. The gays are so much smarter than you straights. And I’d like to be well-dressed like them. Yep. Then I’ll be popular. Nobody likes me because I’m so much better than they are. So I think I like chubs. Chub cubs. Haven’t decided yet about the leather -- I’ll have to do some experimenting. Some of the losers I beat up everyday are always talking about these gay clubs. The Ramrod. The Angry Dragon. Think I’ll go clubbing. A chub cub club. It’ll be cool. Blonds are popular with the gays, right? I don’t see how not. Are the Village People still popular? I liked the Indian. Wish he was hairier though. I am a bit concerned about my anus. I’m allergic to latex. Anyone who knows some other way to have gay sex like what I want, let me know. I’m new to this.

Well then. That was my day, some of it. Oh, well, there is some more, of course. Some serious problems going on, with someone I love. I wish there was something I could do. I’d even give up on this gay thing if I thought it would buy me something. But God doesn’t make deals. He set up the laws of the universe, and doles out miracles only once every few thousand years. It’s almost like we’re fatherless. But that’s what fathers are really for. Sometimes, to say no, and mean it.


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