Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oil and Semen

Every stringy-haired middle-brow who’s ever wandered past a university library or eavesdropped on undergraduates chatting in the espresso line knows that those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it. What then is the destiny of Europe? When we consider its centuries of internecine and sectarian warfare, or the religious oppression that our Pilgrims fled and which forms the ugly frame of our beautiful Constitution, it is not a revolutionary idea to suggest that Europe is not done with strife, both within and across its fading but very real national borders.

If we take as our premise the theme of the preceding post, "Obituary" -- that within a generation Islam will be the dominant European ethos -- then we must also consider that however decadent and effete Europeans currently are, they certainly need not remain so. When a young man, say, ethnically French -- I should say, Gallic -- looks around him and sees his country not just swarming with, but coming to be controlled by, ethnic Arabs, what might you imagine his response could be? However self-indulgent was the generation of his parents -- however profligate and selfish and feckless the boomers and busters of the passing socialist cohort -- are we to imagine that ennui is a genetic condition? -- passed on like a mutated chromosome? No. Weak men can have strong sons.

In any case, racism is a force sufficient to overcome any manner of malaise or torpor. Combined with the manifest fact that one’s culture is not just being rivaled, but supplanted and repressed, the predictable, perhaps inevitable response -- given the template of universal experience -- is war. In this case, civil war. Racial civil war. Young men, it seems -- violent, impulsive, bigoted or idealistic young men -- do have a purpose. It isn't only, um, "North African youths" who can riot -- and les jeunesses françaises need not tantrum only over crib-to-crypt welfare perks, as they have been known to do over otherwise idle weekends.

If "ethnic cleansing" can happen in, um, the former Yugoslavia, why not in France? Is France more civilized? I smile, sadly, and suggest that civility is not a trait for which the French are renowned. Chauvinism is a word of French origin.

Consider Germany. In the days of our grandparents, Hitler imagined a threat from the Jews, and set the most educated nation in the world on a path of willful genocide, the shame of which the Germans will always bear -- acknowledged or not. Today, the threat Hitler fabricated has become a reality. There is an insidious enemy living among them, that conspires to control the world and destroy the European way of life. Jews? The idea is laughable. No, certainly not Jews. The contrary, you might say. Ethnically Arab, but this is incidental. Ethically islamist, and that is the heart of the matter.

Islamism is that radical political philosophy that would impose Islam through conquest -- through subterfuge, through treaties made and meant to be betrayed, through breeding, through economic extortion, through terrorism -- upon the whole wide world. All infidels must be brought under submission to the will of Allah as conceived by those self-same mullahs and imams who have ruled Afghanistan and do control Iran. All dissent is to be silenced through execution. All freedom is to be permitted, or not, through interpretation of the Koran.

Where Hitler and his ilk imagined a sinister cabal of Hebrew merchants and bankers and the like, we can see, as a concrete fact and a burgeoning reality, the power of oil. Add to this the demographic reality, that third-world immigrants are out-breeding native-born Europeans, and a picture of almost conspiratorial perfection emerges. Oil and semen. What shall come of it? The ground has been prepared. Communism and Socialism have served as plow and fertilizer, tearing up the idea of nationalism, tearing down the idea of patriotism. What is to grow, in such a field? If your own culture, your own nation, your own language and borders aren’t worth preserving, then another will take its place.

What I see, then, is civil war throughout Europe. The Danes, the Dutch, the Germans, the Spanish, the French -- the generation being born, or that is children and teens now, will be the soldiers, the Crusaders, the heroes and monsters, the bigots and patriots of the years and decades to come. It is inimical to human nature to allow the extinction of your own way of life -- especially to an inferior one ... that is, one of repression. The solution to a problem of such magnitude is never, or rarely, found in reason and compromise. Witness the shambles of that polyglot conglomeration of iron and clay, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. History is written in blood. Would that it were otherwise.

The lessons of another fallen empire, the Soviet Union, can serve as a dire watchword to the youth of Europe. Through that ghastly kingdom of lies, the need for truth is made undeniable. What the USSR was will stand for what the world of the islamist would be. Atheism replaced by Allah, secret police replaced by religious police, but always the demand for doctrinal purity. Along with any such intellectual underpinnings, the coming civil war will be fed by common human traits of intolerance, of patriotism, of xenophobia, of nobility. A mixed bag, of passions. Good? Bad? Irrelevant.

Eventually the United States will have to enter the chaos. We will be spared, I think, the problem on our own soil. We have proven to be good at assimilating our new citizens. And if we aren’t, anymore -- well, the tradition of nativism is deep, here. We will, if need be, close the borders. What we will not allow, is an Islamic States of America. For this reason, as well as others, there is a Second Amendment. We are a warlike people who love peace. Let it always be so. But being who we are, we will rise, eventually, to stand by our sisters, our mothers, across the Atlantic. For so Europe is, even to those of us whose ancestors came from other climes.

To be American, you see, is not to be of a race, of a distant heritage. To be American is to love freedom, to protect liberty, and to be loyal to our proudest traditions. To be American is to stand up not only for our own freedom, but for the freedom of strangers in remote lands. We send our sons, our beloved sons, or we go ourselves, to rescue the innocent from the guilty and to spread that blessing with which we are blessed.

What am I saying? I’m saying that it’s going to happen again. History repeats. The United States will save the world, at least one more time. No need to thank us. It’s what we do.



Will said...

Well said

Unquiet said...

Sure J, you invite me to go and read the archives but then you continue to post a stream of compelling new content thet makes it impossible. Nice trick.

It has been tough, but I think I may have found a seam where I can actually contribute something -- however small.

Add to this the demographic reality, that third-world immigrants are out-breeding native-born Europeans, and a picture of almost conspiratorial perfection emerges. Oil and semen.

There is a third prong to the conspiratorial perfection -- castration. Since the 70's the communist and socialist in this country have found a home in the environmental movement. Every effort to explore, produce, or refine any energy source which would reduce the strength of the Oil advantage of our opposing force\culture has be fought tooth and nail. Forget ANWR, we have not built a new nuclear power plant or oil refinery in this country in 30+ years. Every change that would reduce our opposing force's advantage in Oil has been fought in the courts at every possible level -- federal, state, local and public opinion. With total control of the battlefield of new or improved energy production domestically, our opponents have now declared the science of global climate change settled. We must unilaterally disarm ourselves and must move jurisdiction over any future change to our energy policy -- just in case we wake up at the federal, state, local or public opinion level -- to international courts. There we can rely on the international community to hold a fair trial and rule castration as the only possible solution to save the world from our testosterone driven desire avert submission.

Oil, semen and castration. A winning strategy?

Unquiet said...

OK, I am guilty of not reading the rest of your post. I jump off to the U.S. when you were talking exclusively of Europe. Native born Europeans appear to have castrated themselves -- not so much with regard to energy but in self-defense. Europeans appear to want us to share their pain. Many here are sure, to do otherwise, would be just another sign of our arrogance.

I still think castration fits in with their oil and semen fronts -- but not so much with your actual point.

Would that be premature e...?

Robohobo said...

unquiet -

The castration comes in the refusal to breed. Look at world fertility rates. It takes a birth rate of around 2.1 births per woman to REPLACE a population. REPLACE, not grow. Look at the birth rates in the Islamic world, they are flat outbreeding us. Most of Europe is at less than replacement rates. They have castrated themselves effectively.

Use Google or your fav search engine to find the results.

Jack H said...

Good lord. I've been invaded. My quite little blog has become Starbucks. All right you kids -- you can play in my yard, but keep the damn noise down. And none of that crazy dancing.

U -- I suppose the castration point is covered in "Obituary" -- not so much as an act of the blade, as the willful feminization of what is properly male. Mercy, it's not as if we didn't have MRIs nowadays, that actually show us that male and female brains function differently. But the femilefties are, after all, stuck in the 70s. The hair decade. Well, this is another hair decade, with a twist. Aren't we all so smooth, nowadays. So hairless. Oh, for a little public backhair. It would be an omen.