Monday, April 6, 2009

Sixteen Thousand Words

I was looking at a lefty website. Here's one of their products. The letters ITMFA stand for Impeach The MotherF*cker [Bush] Already.
But I think it's the "SOLD OUT" that tells the real story.

Don't you wish for a simpler, more innocent time too?
When things were unambiguous.

Another reason I'm conservative.
The more they spend, the more they can raise taxes.

Très elegant! If it were black, it would be Obama.
Or is that racist?

Socialized porn. Cock-a-doodle-doo.
"Chicken" sucking: another job Americans won't do.

The gay agenda. Again.

Why I stopped teaching:

What? You've never seen a red-lipped batfish before?

Is this ironic?
I don't think it is, but maybe.

Everyone's so judgmental.
She's filled with inner beauty. Her outer beauty could have used some Coppertone , starting thirty years ago.

A Michael Jackson Enterprise:

Is this ironic?
I think it is, but maybe not.

But imagine how bad it would be if there were gays in the military.

Evolution at work.

People always ask me how my weekend was. I'm generally reluctant to get specific. But this is me, taking in the sun. I'm the one who's standing.
Does her face make my butt look big?


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