Wednesday, October 3, 2007


This one slipped through the cracks. But it's not all about ugliness. We need not consume ourselves with murder. Generosity exists, and must not be ignored. So:


Rich Galen tells of a man boarding a flight who wanted to give up his first class seat so he could sit with his family. "As it happened, a young man in uniform was immediately behind him and I said, 'Why don't you give this young man your first class seat, take his seat in the back, and then swap around so you can sit together?'

"He did and, sure enough, a young woman in uniform came aboard and the person across the aisle from me said, 'Here. Take my seat. I'll take yours in the back.'

"Everyone in first class ... began gathering their things to give their seats to anyone in uniform who was traveling to or from the war zone."

Just beautiful. I can hardly breathe. God bless America.

A while back I was speaking with a fella who said that Bush was just wrong, and he was sick and tired of people saying that to support the troops you had to support some policy, and that Israel was a problem to Islam.

I, always mild in my discourse, agreed that we have to follow our conscience, as informed by fact and our intelligence and by our morality. I said I was a conservative guy, but however strongly-held my opinions I strive to express them moderately. I said that this dispute is not about Israel, any more than Hitler's dispute was about Israel.

I said that there is a profound difference between the culture that Islam has created, and our own. They wean their little ones on the story that one day the very stones will cry out, Here is a Jew, hiding behind me. Come and kill him. I know of no Jewish leader calling for the destruction of Islam. There are many, many, many Moslem leaders calling for the destruction of Israel. When clinton was president -- triangulating, UN-loving, diplomatic clinton -- that is the very time they were hatching, and executing, their plans. It's not about any policy of the USA. It's about the existence of the USA. Islam and its ism must have an enemy, and we are it.

And finally I said that when Danish cartoons are published, Danish embassies get burned, and when the Pope references the violent past of Islam, nuns get murdered -- and hundreds of thousands of people of a certain description gather in their public places to celebrate. Whereas, in the USA, if an embassy were threatened, this fellow and I would not be silent in our disapproval. We would rise up as a man and demand justice. We would stand shoulder to shoulder to prevent such an evil. We will come to the aid of the innocent when they are threatened by the brute. We will put our bodies between the monster and the victim. And he agreed.

God bless America.



Uriah said...

Reading this, I think of a sort of "cultural projection" at work in the Islamic world. They are savage and homicidal, so they project that the culture next door will be too. They really do believe(however incorrectly) that they are acting in self-defense.

Jack H said...

They *are* acting in self-defense. Not of their lives, but of their lies ... oh, that's rude -- of their culture. Coca Cola *is* a threat. The 20th and 21st Centuries *are* threats. A modern economy must mean the destruction of their economy, whatever it is. It is a way of life. We should fight to preserve ours, as well.