Wednesday, December 3, 2008

xkcd dot com

Y'know what?I actually do this! No one has ever noticed.

I don't do this:It just makes me laugh.

This one is, admittedly, imperfect.But I can see myself doing it.

This one is perfect. Why?Because it is what it is.

Again, just funny.I take it as an allegory.

I don't get all the corpteck references, and I know it's really gay of me, but I think I'm in love with this guy...

...and why? Because I got this, right away, at the word "tin".


I've been through this so many times......that I've finally learned to always say, "Ah, plugging along."

This is how I feel, all the time,only with words, about life.

No. I was wrong, before. This is why I love this guy...... because he drew a picture

of my soul.



Anonymous said...

just now found XKCD, eh?

Jack H said...

Noooooo. Sheesh. Huh. It's you, you're the one. Who didn't know that I bumped this up from, like, years ago. Sheesh.

bob k. mando said...

I don't get all the corpteck references, and I know it's really gay of me,

i knew you were too happy to be normal.

anyway, the 'corpteck' references are to DRM copy protection. needless to say, Randall comes down heavy on the side of end user rights and against DRM.

you are aware that the primary joke in xkcd is usually in the alt-text, right? i notice you didn't copy any of the alt's for us.

Jack H said...

alts. cuz i wunt no how is y

bob k. mando said...

mouse over the comic on the main xkcd page and the alt-text will come up on your cursor.

you can see the alts listed in the xkcd forums:

Jack H said...

Oh my dear child, I know how to SEE them. It's embedding them in my own humble efforts here, which you and your ilk so desperately yearn for, that i wunt no how 2 du.

Your mistake is overlooked.