Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Moved to 5/26/08.



G.W.C. said...

I was a huge fan of G.I.Joe as a kid. Toys, cartoons, I had to have it all. But, we were poor. Luckily, grandpa paid us for our work on the farm, so, I bought most of it myself. I think I was about eight or so the first time I ever heard the name Mitchell Paige. My grandpa found a story about him somewhere, and, remembering my interest, he snipped it for me. That story did somethig to the mind of the child I used to be. It stuck with me in a way few other things could. To me, for at least one day of his life, Paige embodied all that made the U.S. military great. Not just duty and honor, but also initiative, intelligence, determination, ferocity, and pure cussedness. I often imagined (as children tend to do) being him. Years later I knew full well that I would have been more likely to end up one of his "dead and dying", which made his actions all the more heroic in my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not prone to hero worship, and I'd never assume he was perfect throuhgout his life, but, on that one day, Mitchell Paige was the perfect person in the right place.

If Hasbro does this, I'll never forgive them, they'll never see my business again.

Jack H said...

I am of an age to remember the very first TV commercials for GI Joe. I was raised to think of it as a doll. So it doesn't mean anything to me. But a deal is a deal. Hasbro would have liscenced the name to whatever film company. But they sold, sold out, what they had no moral right to sell. There should be a cost for that.