Thursday, December 13, 2007


Damn them liberals! Damn them to HELL!!! You've heard already what they're up to. Damn them. They're building a SUPER HiWay from Mexico to Canada, right through AMERICA!!! Damn them liberals!! It's part of the ... NORTH AMERICAN UNION!!! Open your EYES, dude! It's right in front of you.

I have in my hand right now at this very moment proof positive that a sinister cabal of One World conspirators are working to throw out the US CONSTITUTION and make us all slaves to the World Trade Organization and their lackies at the ... United Nations!! The same diabolical characters who were behind the USSR!! And the Kennedy ASSASSINATION. What, you think it was just Oswald? AND his "so-called" ... MAGIC BULLET?!?! You poor deluded fool, how I PITY you. Oh, it's deep. Deep deep deep.

What proof, you wonder? Here!!!
An Amero!!! Oh it's heavy man. I mean the scariness of it. You can't fake something like this. It's for real! FOR REAL!!!

Can't your READ?!? It's called the obverse, dude, and it says right there: UNION OF NORTH AMERICA!!! Is there some other North America they're talking about? It's here, HERE man. They ain't talking about Jamestown ... Antarctica. Time to WAKE UP, America!!! And I don't mean "North" America.

Oh yeah, it's pretty all right. Pretty DANGEROUS!! I think I can see the HiWay. The Drug Terrorist highway ... for illegals -- except there ain't gonna be no more ILLEGALS. No more borders or sovereignty either. Dick Chaney of course, and his pet poodle. I guess they ran out of World Trade Centers to destroy, so now they're destroying America. Damn them!!! Hey, stupid!!! STEEL DOESN'T MELT!!! EVER!!! It's a scientific fact! So that proves it. Get your HEAD out of the SAND!! I know you love it there, cuz that's where the oil is, with your ARAB boyfrends you sick freak.

Why can't you SEE it? How can I make you understand? You sheeple just make me sick. Down with the UNA or the NAU or whatever the hell these BASTARDS want to call it. I call it ... TREASON! "USA" don't have no "N" in it ... that's "North." NEVER!! When them Canadians is forcing you to speak FRENCH and them Mexicans is forcing you to have a bunch of abortions it will be TOO LATE!!! But you just go on playing with your XBox and watching the corporate news, dude. ALL the way to ... HELL!


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