Monday, December 3, 2007

A Rectal Examination

It could not possibly matter less whether the corruption is from the left or from the right. It's like worrying about which anus the feces falls from. That's the beauty of an open society, though. We poor humans will always tend to side with our own team, so it turns out to be a good thing that there's another team. They watch us, we watch them. Wouldn't it be sweet and dandy if we were honest just because we love truth and goodness so much. But we are, alas, full of feces, and we have to drop it somewhere. The less hygienic of us will drop it any old where. Corruption.

I was hearing on the radio the tale end of a story from WWII. Didn't catch the details, but the upshot was that Leon Jaworski, of later Watergate fame, was the egregiously corrupt lying prosecutor in one of the largest ever Army court-martials, some 63 years ago. Guglielmo Olivotto, an Italian POW, was lynched at a military post on Puget Sound in 1944. Twenty-eight black soldiers were convicted. A false and malicious and racist prosecution. Jaworski suppressed exculpatory evidence and perpetrated the injustice. Hopefully he's in hell now.

The Army’s Board for Correction of Military Records has reviewed the case and finally overturned some of the convictions this October, granting honorable discharges and providing back pay. A sort of justice. Except that only one, maybe two, of these old men are still alive. And the back pay amounts to, in Mr. Samuel Snow's case, some $725. No accounting for inflation or interest or damages or suffering or lost job opportunities or denied GI benefits or college tuition or the assault on his good name or the year spent in prison. If the $725 were adjusted for inflation, it would amount to something over $7,700. If it were paid with annually compounded interest at 8%, for 61 1/2 years, it would be over $80,000. You know, like what a reasonable investment would yield. But there is no restitution of the bitter years the locusts have eaten.

Mr. Snow is 83 now. An old man. He burned his Army paperwork, that his children need never be shamed over the matter. He tried in 1949 and again in 1975 to upgrade his discharge, to general rather than dishonorable. In 2007 his paperwork reads, finally, "honorable". It is a victory, then, of sorts. If only symbolic. That has to count for something. Because it's all there is.

These black solders, even the guilty among them, if any, didn't deserve the corruption of their convictions. They deserved justice. That little Italian
didn't deserve to be lynched. He deserved justice too.

My point? I don't know it, but I would expect that Jack Hamann, the journalist whose book On American Soil set the record straight (if it did), is on the left rather than on the right. Good for the left. We need that sort of left. It is honorable. Justice does not distinguish right from left. She only wants the scales to balance.

Then again, I was reading George Will's piece on Milberg Weiss, the largest American securities class-action law firm. They sue, or more often threaten to sue, companies whose stocks go down. You know, for fraud of course, stupid. In the past 40 years they've taken in 45 billion dollars. That's billion, with a B, the second letter of the English alphabet. $45,000,0000,000.

The firm has been indicted as a "racketeering enterprise" that committed perjury, bribery and fraud, obstructed justice, and used paid plaintiffs. Felonies all. Three of their shill-serial plaintiffs testified in 180 cases over the course of 25 years. We wuz robbed, yer honor, every time! How our little hearts cry out fer justice! Give us justice, please, yer honor! Pleeeeeeeease!!!

One of the criminal firm's liars, the criminal liar David Bershad, pocketed $161 million during his criminal lie career as a criminal liar. If Satan doesn't anally rape him for eternity in hell, I'll volunteer to get started on him right now. Bend over, bitch. Another lie partner, Bill Lerach (pictured, left, with his attorney), pulled in over $100 million during the 1990s, mostly threatening to sue Silicon Valley companies and then settling out of court. Extortion. He's going to jail, and is currently ratting out his fellow criminals like the coward scum he is.

These criminals tend to cluster on the left. The left, you understand, sees victims all over the place, and loves to sue. Bigtime contributors to the Democrat Party. You know, attorney John Edwards
and the clintons, attorneys,and that ilk. It's only natural. Cesspools have their strata. Some shit floats, some clumps on the bottom.

The liar Jaworski and the liars Bershad and Lerach: their crimes are different, but they are rapists. They are what hell is for. It's for the justice that we can't get now.

Samuel Snow will not be cashing his government check for $725.


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