Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The results are not in. Romney seems to be leading in Michigan. His home state, where his father was governor, so he’d better be leading there. He seems to be. That’s good. Just for the interest of it, the entertainment value. Politics seems to be my spectator sport. Not a fanatic, not a season ticket holder. Just a guy who knows most of the players and reads the daily scores and watches the big games. Army v. Navy. The World Series. So these are the playoffs, I guess. Nobody’s out yet.

I’ve been hoping and expecting that Huckabee’s brightest moment has passed. An odd choice favored by an odd caucus. Just not a conservative, which is certainly not a requirement, but we’d somehow sort of expect it from the party faithful who dare the snows to sit in high school gyms and drafty cafeterias. McCain is viable. He’s a great man, we know, from his real and meaningful heroism. He is his biography. He’s just not material for a Republican president. He should be the Democrat nominee. It would bring a tiny bit of honor to that frankly rather vile party of slavery and abortion. As it is, he is, as they’re saying, the anti-conservative. All those bills he’s co-sponsored are hyphenated with some democrat. Hasn’t anyone noticed that? Kennedy, Feingold … Leiberman sorta.

Uh, Kennedy -- he’s the guy who got us into this immigration mess. He wrote the immigration law in the '60s that replaced the nationality quota system with the insane and nationally self-destructive “system” we have now, which has completely thrown out the idea that immigration should serve the needs of the nation, not (only) those of the immigrant. This is the guy who blocked wind power generators because they would spoil his view of the horizon. When he thinks of vistas, what comes to mind is mere real estate. Co-sponsoring anything with him is like, well, like his '60s immigration law. Only one side comes out ahead -- the one listing to the left.

Ah, how refreshing it is to be in the Stupid Party. Somehow. I guess I like the predictability? We get a good president every 20 or 30 years or so. Lincoln, TR, uh, Coolidge, Eisenhower, Reagan. I’m leaving our current Bush out of the list. Being right on the war is big, but you have to be right on more than just one thing.

Well, now Romney is viable again, it seems. The polls and pundits must be right. Like stopped clocks. I’m not against him. He’ll do. He sounds good. Looks fabulous, and you must understand how important that is to me, a Left Coast boy. Good hair, a tan, a straight nose … saying so many of the right-sounding things -- what more do we need from a leader?


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