Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bad Day

There are lots and lots and lots of punks who deserve this sort of treatment.

This boy, Eric Bush, age 14 -- upon whom puberty hangs so heavily -- really doesn't seem to be one of them. As a teacher of teenagers for many years, I understand Officer Salvatore Rivieri's frustration and its venting. I was fired from three different schools, and more, over the years. Once I sent a letter home saying that the son acted like his parents were drug addicts and that they needed to be very ashamed of themselves. Once I put a punk in a headlock and dragged him to the office. Yes indeed, I understand Officer Rivieri.

But there is clearly some issue that this public servant has imported into the situation. He has been suspended with pay. I'd expect some sort of lawsuit. Adults need, desperately, to hold teenagers accountable. We are accountable ourselves. To set an example of stern dignity is one thing. To abuse our size advantage and rant under color of authority is something else.

We'd hope that some good comes of it. Perhaps young Mister Bush will adopt a more adult form of address. Perhaps Officer Rivieri will not be required to dress like half a Teletubby. And perhaps the Department's staff psychologist will brush up on stress-management techniques, so that decent men will be able better to compartmentalize their private and their public frustrations.



Anonymous said...

Please tell me that you no longer have the privledge of teaching the youth of America and I will sleep better tonight.

Jack H said...

Potential response #1: Invertebrates sleep?

Potential response #2: Deer stupid, u r so dum. u uz earwax 4 branes!!! Hahaha!! looser!!!

Potential response #3: Next time you're cruising the net with search words "puberty", "boy", "hanging", "drag" and "punk", just ignore my blog. It's not what you're looking for.

Potential response #4: I hadn't realized there was anything offensive in this particular post. What, pray, dear anonymous, has troubled your exquisite sensibilities, that you interrupt my repose with your hostility? Or is it merely a reflex?