Monday, March 3, 2008

Black House

This is how Obama wins: Bill Richardson as his running mate. Governor of ... New Mexico? Moderate reputation. Hispanic. Get it? There is a large segment of the population that votes not according to principle or policy, but according to group identity. Historically Hispanics do not vote for blacks. They will vote for Obama if a Hispanic is on the ticket. It will make the difference, since McCain is not going to bring out the conservatives. Obama will modify his leftist rhetoric during the general election campaign, which will lull moderates into voting for him. He already has a reasonably large and very devoted following. Richardson is the humpmaker.

McCain’s only chance is a very conservative, ethnic running mate. It would be a cynical move, but so what. It’s all manipulation. When we play the game by the rules, the point is not the rules, but the game. McCain can attract independents and moderates, but he does not inspire the enthusiasm of Obama.

Hillary? It’s so very tempting to write her off. But she is a clinton. They leave claw marks on the flagstones when it’s time to leave the public square. Even if she loses Texas and Ohio, the Pennsylvania Democrat machine is in her pocket, or bill’s pants, or something. It will be a spectacle to behold if/when she loses. Like Satan falling from the Heavenlies. What orgy of spite will she unloose upon her former idolaters? It's hard to think she'll be done. When has a perpetual motion machine ever broken down?

Isn't it a shame, the stupidity of politics? It really is some sort of sociological proof of the power of averages and epidemiology. Individuals cease to matter. It's all about crowds and herd mentality. That one smells right! Let's mount it! -- or -- Obama's black? Let's vote for him, or let's not vote for him. Let me check a mirror. What we know is that free money gets wasted. It keeps people at a subsistence level. The only meaningful generosity is that which we create ourselves. Can't we pick someone who's politics are based on an understanding of human nature rather than animal needs?

Tuesday will pretty much decide the general election candidates. I expect Obama. It's a good thing, in a sense. But it will be incredibly divisive. I don't know the future. But I do expect things to get ugly. Let's hold our breath.



Will C. said...

"McCain’s only chance is a very conservative, ethnic running mate. "

Have you thought about this more specifically, perhaps a Michael Steele?

Jack H said...

I always liked JC Watts.

And for the record, ladies and gentlemen, this so-called Will C is NOT the real anonymous. He is a mere poseur, seeking to elbow his way into the glory and respect due to my GENUINE corespondent. What a world. What a world.


Oh, wait a minute. Nope, I'm sorry, it WAS Will C. Huh. How foolish of you to have made that mistake. You should be less eager to jump to false conclusions.

Bipsy Quee said...

No, it's not crowds and herd mentality; it's spirits.

And I don't mean "ghosts".

Will C. said...

I never understood why J.C. didn't run for another term. He was good for the Republicans. Good Condi.

I'm proud to say that my own Gov. Mark Sanford is in the mix to be V.P. He is the most fiscally conservative politician I've had the pleasure of voting for. He's had resistance from behind in the form of fatcats (I know cliche') and big spenders in his own party. The even ran some doctor against him in the primary. Problem is, we have one of the weakest executive branches (by power) out of all the states, so he's only realized part of his agenda. Damn good-ole-boys posing as conservative Republicans...

and btw thanks for recognizing me as the GENUINE Will C. (you goober!) ;)

Jack H said...

JC wanted to make some money. He is, after all, a Republican. You know, "make" some money, instead of being given money.

Ah yes, Sanford, down there in, uh, Bellysweat, South Podunkianna. Leave your PO Box and I'll send you some shoes. ... Excuse me for just a moment, my masseuse just brought me my latte -- he's such a doll.

Genuine. I don't know why you people keep making that mistake. Sometimes I come close to despairing. Oh the pain, the pain.


Anonymous said...

J.C. Watts? They either threatened his family or they have an FBI file on him. "I'm leaving public office to spend more time with my family" is always code words for "This is not my decision"

I am entirely serious.

Jack H said...

I think it's more that saying, 'I want to make a boatload of money with my consulting business' doesn't make for good press. Now don't be cynical. It could happen.

Will C. said...

"Ah yes, Sanford, down there in, uh, Bellysweat, South Podunkianna. Leave your PO Box and I'll send you some shoes."

‘I don’t keer w’at you do wid me, Brer Fox, so you don’t fling me in dat brier-patch. Roas’ me, Brer Fox but don’t fling me in dat brierpatch,’

Jack H said...

Come now, my lad -- shoes aren't that bad. They'll protect you from tetanus as you scrounge through the junkyard. Dwa dwa DWA duh ...

Will C. said...

Once again you missed the brilliance in my missive. Let me speak slowly for you.

Br'er Fox, the personification of the powerful (more specifically the slave owner) is outfoxed (pardon) by Br'er Rabbit in this most southern of tales...When upon his capture by Br'er Fox, our procacious but wise rabbit is about to suffer a painful death. Br'er Fox, while imagining several brutal demises out loud is chorused with voracious approval by Br'er rabbit on the condition that the Fox not throw him in the dreaded briar patch, which he exclaims would be worse than death. Upon hearing this Br'er Fox deems the briar patch as the best end for our protagonist and thusly flings him therein. Hoping to observe a writhing pitch the Fox waits a time, only to see Br'er Rabbit pop up on the hill in the middle of the patch. Cleaning the remaining tar from his fur he calls out to Br'er Fox, “‘Bred en bawn in a brier-patch, Brer Fox—bred en bawn in a brier-patch!’ en wid dat he skip out des ez lively ez a cricket in de embers.”

The moral (in the context of our dialectic) is that I (the wabbit) am perfectly content in my little briar patch of South Cakalakii, and it is to my advantage to allow such ignorant postulations on our condition to persist. Keeps out the riff-raff, carpet-baggers and scalawags.

Jack H said...

Golly, thanks, Uncle Remos! That's so neato, the way you esplained that to me! I never did git that before! But if it's Br'er Rabbit, how come it's wabbit?!? Is it code??? For like Wahabi? And Rabbit is like Rabbi?!? And Fox is like FOX News, all conservative, and Uncle Remos is really Uncle Sam?!? Amd then the brier patch is like the democratic process, with all these elections, and the crickets is like the MSM, and the embers is like Florida where Bush stole the election, but also like the patch, cuz he's a bush, git it? And Hillary is the carpet-bagger and Obama is, uh, like Alabama, the Deep South, cuz he's black and stuff. The Deep South is where all the blacks come from, see. Golly, now I git it!!! It's so clear! Yes. Yes. I generally have great difficulty unnerstanning allegory, but NOT ANY MORE, thanks to this new high tech interactive DVD (or alternative colorful pop-up book) that we will mail to your home, trailer or post office box in a plain unmarked package for the low Low LOW price of only $79.99! So ACT NOW and take advantage of this LIMITED OFFER! Free shoes included, but supplies are limited, so RUSH your cash or money order NOW!

Will C. said...

Hey, I expect a little more appreciation mister! After all, I spent several hours last night on just so I could sound Jack-esque.

Will C. said...

"The moral (in the context of our dialectic) is that I (the wabbit) am perfectly content in my little briar patch of South Cakalakii, and it is to my advantage to allow such ignorant postulations on our condition to persist. Keeps out the riff-raff, carpet-baggers and scalawags."

I really liked that...can I post it again? Oops I just did. I don't usually sound quite that eloquent. You've brought me to a whole new level.

Even caused me so some research into gullah and geech language, of which I have some exposure to. You see, my grandfather grew up in the lowcountry and he spoke like his friends and his friends were black gullah decendants. I keep trying to remember more of his phrases.
"Grate gouw whada powa" - an exclamation of amazement
"Supillaetin" - delicious
"whodat say whodat" - who is there asking who is there
There's only so much I can draw from memory. Wish I could talk to him now. I'd listen to one of the stories from his youth. Maybe, hopefully, I'll see him again one day.

Jack H said...

"Grate gouw whada powa" --Great God, what a power!

"Supillaetin" -- So pilliating! (Gives one goose bumps.)

"whodat say whodat" -- Used in an old-time Minstrel routine. "Who dat?" "Who dat who say who dat?" "Who dat who say who dat who say who dat?" ...

My grandfather used to say "For crying in the soup" and "pritner" (pretty near) and "gosh all hemlock". My Danish great grandfather hated snakes and would kill them on sight and nail their skins to the barn wall.