Sunday, March 9, 2008

Brief Update

It is only due to the oddities of DNC rules that Obama has such a significant delegate lead. His peculiar advantage comes from his amazing support from black majority congressional districts. Astounding. Who ever would have dreamed that blacks would vote for a black candidate in highly disproportionate numbers? It's inexplicable.

DNC rules have it that apportionment of delegates among candidates is proportional as long as losing candidates get at least 25% of the vote. If a candidate gets less than this, s/he would get no delegates. Thus, in black majority districts, where Obama gets virtually all the votes, Hillary gets no proportion of the delegates. Obama also generally wins big, two to one, in the low-turnout caucus states.

Obama has a six percent lead in delegates, but, counting Florida, only a one percent lead in the popular vote. It's a tie. What will break it? Scandal? Obama has his breaking Rezko land deal, and Hillary has that ancient Whitewater history -- vetted, though. Obama has his Naftaquiddick, and Hillary has twisted so many times she's a Moebius strip. Healthcare? Well, first, I should think they really mean "sickcare" ... but as for whom they plan on forcing to pay for other people's drug habits, that's a Kafkaesque labyrinth my poor brain cannot begin to navigate. Is there a difference then? Certainly. Are you blind? He's black, and she's female. Work with me.

Does it matter, any of it? Hardly. Is Obama really ahead? Perception is what matters. Come the election, the pink whiners will worry about perceived fairness. The clinton arm-twisting will be mitigated by the apparatchik fear of alienating the blacks who so faithfully sharecrop on the Dem plantation. If the Dems lost the blacks, all they'd have would be abortion, appeasement and drugs. That's the manufacturing flaw in the clinton machine. Gotta keep the blacks. They're oil. Another kind of black gold. Am I offensive and insensitive? Only to demographics that do not think for themselves.

The blue states, by their very nature, will increasingly become less relevant. It's not that they secede to Canada. It's that they depopulate themselves, with abortionism, homosexuality and mutagenic infertility. Blacks, who traditionally have had such a strong family unit, in the past three generations have been corrupted by the leftist welfare state into the criminal ethos of entitlement exploitation. For shame. What that means for the Dems is that an increasingly dysfunctional underclass of dependent minorities will be the only reliable base of the left. Its white powerbrokers will decline in number and most likely increase in power, as long as dependence is a commodity that can be nurtured and exploited.

Go, Obama!


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