Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This one just made me laugh, out loud, several times. This one is just silly. This one is a study in foolishness. An even bigger fool (starting at :20). Here's why (with another angle). Deeply disturbing.

I think it's entirely possible that pressure points can do odd things. I'm generally uninformed on the matter, but I've knocked my funnybone a few times, and that proves something. I think it's remotely possible that there is some actual but unseen force that might be transmitted without benefit of touch. I am absolutely certain that we have not seen it here. Those of us who have seen the name-it-and-claim-it preachers on TV will recognize the falling bodies. Emotion and fraud.

That an old man should delude himself is just sad. That his students should collude or fall prey to the delusion is unfortunate. That some MMA fighter should beat up this foolish old man is just the way of the world. Harsh lessons may or may not be necessary, but the world is full of them, regardless. I think they're necessary.

Let's look for the lessons, and learn them, before we end up crumpled on the floor, bleeding, in shock, and mortified.



Ms.Green said...

I'd swear I saw Bennie Hinn in a few of the audience shots.

Jack H said...

Your irreverance is noted. How can you live with yourself? Don't you know what happens to those who dare doubt the prophets of the Most High? I shudder, shudder for you.

Benny is a yellow belt.

Oh, in that first video, I'm the second guy. I'm so cool.

Ms.Green said...

Oh, in that first video, I'm the second guy. I'm so cool.

What can I say...I'm in awe, Jack.

Jack H said...

I never lose!