Wednesday, March 5, 2008


It seems that Hillary is still in the race. Somehow, weirdly, I like that. Let the cannibals eat themselves. Texas Republicans crossed over to vote for Hillary over Obama, in a sneaky Democrat tactic. It's the first time there's been such a movement from the right. Maybe it made the difference. Ah well, the rules allow it. There was a lot of talk that even if Hillary didn't win anything, she'd stay in. Well, she was only a hundred and something delegates behind Obama, so it's not like she was out of it. But the good of the party, don't you know. Wouldn't it be absolutely cool if it goes to a brokered convention? In the Internet Age? What a spectacle. Worth the price of admission. Even I will pay attention. Hillary will win that.

I don't give these opinings of mine much thought. It's easy to predict the future when there's no cost for being wrong. If I lost a finger each time my opinion was wrong, I'd be more careful. But Nobody knows how to make promises and twist arms like the clintons. And the shine -- I mean the gloss is coming off Obama. The Canadian Memo -- Memogate? -- Naftaquiddick? -- where Obama is said to have assured the North that all his protectionist verbiage is just slop for the pigs, and he doesn't mean it, really. This, after he said there was no such memo, no such communication. Interesting. And some weird real estate deal out of Chicago, where some Mafioso bought up some land next to the house Obama was buying -- I didn't quite follow why that was necessary -- point is that there's really likely to be some nasty old corruption involved. Hmm. So much for CHANGE!!!. So much for HOPE!!!. Not every messiah can resurrect himself.

Tonight I got a little political in my conversation. Someone else was talking about Republicans. I didn't bother to eavesdrop. But somehow I invited myself into the dialog when it turned to abortion, and I engaged in a not terribly eloquent disquisition on the matter. With a gentle and likable young liberal. He managed, in three sentences, to conflate economic policy, civil rights, and Affirmative Action. So many passions. So many reasons why Republicans are wrong. I managed to point out that they were separate issues, but I'm sure the point wasn't quite grasped. Such is the nature of casual conversation -- it requires no intellectual discipline.

I did manage to enunciate the idea that I'd rather be greedy than envious. You know, the Republican cliche rather than the Democrat cliche. Greed is just low and ugly. Envy is about wanting harm to someone else. The politics of envy. The rich must be taxed, disproportionately. How that is equal protection under the law evades my understanding. If we are equal, then we should be treated equally. Ah well, I won't rehash the matter. It's just that his ideas about Republicans seem to have been formed in the 1950s. Odd, since he was born in the mid-1980s. Did he see me in my checked pants? I usually only wear them at my exclusive country club. I'll have to talk to my house boy about this.

Well, that's all. Just thought I'd write a note to keep in touch. Why don't I ever hear from you? Too busy to drop a line to your good old buddy Jack? You'd better love me while you may. Tomorrow I may fly away.



Will C. said...

"Tomorrow I may fly away."

Don't even think about mister!

Will C. said...

uh emm, if you could old chum, please add an "it" to that last post.
How embarassing...

Jack H said...

Yes. I think you meant "embracing." How very sweet. It seems I had a wrong idea in my head about you. Sorry to be so insensitive. In the future I'll try to keep your special needs in mind.

Will C. said...

LOL! the funny thing is I was going to write that exact phrase.

Sorry, but my love for you is purely plutonic, definitely not uranusonic, better yet, more like UB313'onic.

Proceed to

Jack H said...

So you're saying you're not from around here? I am a bit unclear though, are you an alien or a time traveler? Or maybe a Greek (heh heh) philosopher from a distant planetoid? Not that there's anything wrong with it. Wouldn't want you to be ... *saturnine!* [Git it?!?]

Ah, Magoo, you've done it again!

Will C. said...

Greek huh...I git it, hehehe

I always liked doing my Shatner impression..."Spock! there's Klingons around Uranus!"

And btw we SC'inans stopped using lead in our paint a long time ago.
I did however dissect a cat in HS anatomy class and was shown several dark lesions. Our teacher stated that was where the stray, living in the streets of Charleston had been drinking runoff water which had a high lead content from the old building's exterior paint. Totally of topic I know...

Jack H said...

Wipe out, you have to wipe out the Klingons.

Welcome to 1976.