Friday, March 14, 2008


What did I tell you? Somehow, from somewhere, these videos are coming out. Such a mystery. You know, about Obama. His pastor, that is. In whose congregation Obama has sat for 18 years, listening in rapt attention. Devotion, even. Obama consulted with Wright about whether he should run for Senate. And for the presidency. Wright officiated at Obama's wedding. Wright baptized Obama's children. This is a man who is important to Obama.

I heard a talk tonight about how some black families don't quite celebrate the Fourth of July. Independence Day. They're not wrong. Nobody has to observe my holidays. I don't. I just acknowledge that they're important. Ceremony is important. I should think the idea of independence is important to black families. The Fourth just isn't the day that it came to them. Emancipation Day. I don't even remember what day that is. I'm not unamerican for that ignorance, any more than a black man is unamerican for remembering slavery. It should be remembered. Inscribed in one's heart. Not with bitterness, if one is strong enough. With firm resolve, never again to allow such a thing to happen, to one's own family, kindred, race, or countrymen -- never to any human, insofar as it's in our power. To love freedom, and hate its absence, and stand up that it may spread, and remember the injustice of its theft -- this is what America is.

So that Obama does not, if it's true, celebrate the Fourth of July -- this is his right. I don't even know if that's just a rumor or not. Don't care. Likewise with the Rev. Wright. He does not have to follow the particulars of my expectations. Just the law, and the common code of civilized human conduct. So that he should hold America close to the stink of its former injustices? This is fitting. To speak from the pulpit, reminding his congregants of past and current wrongs -- this is the very function of a prophet. But to say "God damn America"?

A childish riff, it was, on the song, God Bless America. The sort of thing an adolescent might think is clever. Certainly nothing that a mature or thoughtful or honorable man would proclaim from the pulpit. Why? Because it is a curse, upon America, and America should not be cursed. It should be blessed. If Wright had said, 'God damns America', it would merely be a debatable proposition. Because of its iniquity, America is damned, forsaken, by God. Could be. That's not what Wright said. He said "God damn America". It comes from his heart, just as the words of the song come from the heart. It is a wish. To say otherwise is to play with words, and it would be disingenuous. Let's not do that.

How is this important? Because Obama sits in that sanctuary, being edified by those words. He claims he was not in attendance for that particular sermon. Perhaps his schedule bears him out, or perhaps it's just a political lie. I don't really care. I strongly expect that the Rev. Wright has said many such things, in Obama's presence. Things that, no matter how truly felt, are easily used, as this "God damn America" is used. Things that give deep offense to those sensitive to such issues. And I am utterly certain, although I could be wrong, that Obama has never, in word or in deed, through letter or email, ever corrected, upbraided or distanced himself from such statements, prior to their coming to light in this current political season.

Further, I fully expect video of Sen. Obama, sitting or standing, smiling and clapping, at the words of the Reverend. If such video exists, showing Obama present at a time when the preacher is making any of his racist or provocative statements, things will get very, very interesting.

There's a segment of the population that will never have a problem with damning America. Most of the Left. The Right would never vote for Obama, any more than they'd vote for any leftist. As for the center, well, Obama's claim to be a uniter will be shattered. He really should lose the nomination. How could he claim to be a patriot, as the term is generally understood? How could he stand up to foreign criticism, defend America, if he failed to defend it in his own church? Will he rebuke enemies if he will not correct friends? Would he stand by silently or with approval while somebody God damned his own wife?

You see the dilemma. And if he does lose the nomination, imagine the rage from blacks, and the youth, and the far left. We don't want to win because of cynicism. It should be on rational issues. No. None of this is a good thing.

Wright is an oaf. A demagogue. Not stupid, just coming out of an undisciplined style of thought and speech. We temper our words. We don't get people all riled up, all whooped up. We should strive to inspire to noble actions, not to low emotions. I suppose the stereotypical black and Southern swaying and handwaving church experience has its place. It's not my way, but that's fine. I went to a pentecostal church once, and was absolutely appalled. But they can do what they want. When all the hollering is done, though, and it comes time to preaching the words of the Bible, there should be more than verses about faith and judgments against enemies. I'm sure Wright understands that simple truth. He does not seem to understand about tempering his words.

Obama is the wrong black man to run for president. He is a magnificent speaker. It's just that he's an inexperienced lefty. If he loses, it will create great bitterness. If he wins, it will create even more. His leftist policies will be devastating to America and the world, and who will be blamed for that? A black president. Then we'll get all kinds of emotional excuses, and claims that he was undermined, sabotaged, that the Establishment -- the White Establishment, mind you -- wanted him to fail, planned it. He never had a chance. Etc.

It's a disaster. Hope? Of course there's hope. We just have to find it. I don't mean the verbal hope of campaign banners. Real hope. Based on something substantial. Let's look for it. I'll let you know if I find it. You do the same. Deal?



GUYK said...

hope? yeah, hope like I hope I can amass at least another 5000 rounds of 9mm and a couple of thou more of .45acp before the real shit hits the fan...

I am supporting McCain. Yeah, I know, once again the best of what is available but I am not ready for must come if Obama or Hilary gets elected and in concert with the left wing congress make a grab for the constitution which I figure will happen...and they will figure Supreme Court be damned just as Andrew Jackson did..there are just too many who will not give up freedom without a fight..maybe McCain can hold them off for at least another four years

Jack H said...

"Hope" = muzzle velocity.

"Best" = least bad.

Anonymous said...

jack! said, " How could he claim to be a patriot, as the term is generally understood? How could he stand up to foreign criticism, defend America, if he failed to defend it in his own church? "

the nugget

Jack H said...

Um ... yes?

Or is "the nugget" not your name, but your understanding of the most important part of my post? My child, everything I write is a nugget. I'm the mother load.

Ain't I something?!?



Anonymous said...

see? I told it was a nugget. And Jack said it first..

Jack H said...

Ah, my old nemesis Koch. Damn him. I've hated him since he stole my woman back in 1977. My women, my ideas -- is there no stopping him?