Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I hardly feel like trudging through this muck again -- it all seems so superfluous. But let's go through the motions. Obama and his comment over the weekend. Someone asked him about his feelings on abortion. Well, we know about that already. He has a 100% rating from the abortionist lobby ... you know, Planned Parenthood -- organized by Margaret Sanger to exterminate the black and other inferior races. You think I'm kidding? This stellar organization has since expanded its portfolio to be against all races ... well, no, not the animal races, just the human race. But I digress. PP is so very much in favor of Obama, since he is so in favor of them. They're the sugar in each other's coffee. We should write a song about it.

Anyways, Hugh Hewitt was going on about this sound byte. Some dude queried Obama on the matter, and he said, "Look, I got two daughters -- 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first about values and morals. But -- if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby. I don't want them punished with an STD at age 16. So it doesn't make sense to not give them information."

Well, of course the thing to latch on to there is the idea of punishment. Mothers are punished with babies. You know, the way teenagers who have sex in slasher movies are punished ... only it's the babies who get slashed. Did you know that babies are a punishment? Obama's two daughters must be punishments. Could I be wrong? Unwanted babies are punishments, and wanted fetuses are babies. Or something. Anyway, the fetus has no intrinsic value. It's entirely optional. Like the humanity of, oh, say, Africans in the slave market. If they're on the block, not quite human. If holding the whip, human. Get it? Perfectly logical, if you accept the premise, of: humanity is debatable.

Babies are not punishments. Neither are they blessings. These are such arbitrary labels, after all. What babies are, universally, in the animal kingdom, are duties.

Obama is a bright guy, and he realized even as the words slipped from his lips what would be made of them. So he immediately clouded the issue with a non sequitur, conflating abortion with sex ed. The question wasn't about 'giving them information.' And, obviously, the link between abortion and STDs is not as solid as glib consideration would make it seem. Both may result from intercourse, but it is as much as to say that air causes cancer -- living things need air, and may get cancer. Um, well, no? I could labor through the logic of it, but why bother. Upshot is, pregnancy is not a punishment. Put more poignantly, life is not a disease.

And then there's this idea of morals and values. Just what precisely, I wonder, is Obama going to teach his little girls about moralsandvalues? It's a tricky issue for me to talk about, because I don't want to go laying any heavy head trips on y'all. We will, all of us, fail to live up to our moralsandvalues, where ever we may have learned them. But what Obama must intend on teaching his little girls is that when they might slip and fall and make some mistake, one of their moralvalues is that the pregnancy may be terminated. That's his value, after all. And if that choice is included in his values, then teen pregnancy can't really be immoral. So why bring morality into the discussion of abortion? There is a public debate, but there wouldn't be a debate going on in Obama's own mind, or in his moral instructions to his children.

If that reasoning seems muddy, it's because Obama's thinking is muddy. Abortionists have muddy thinking on the matter. If you disagree, please, please tell me where I'm wrong. I'll be sarcastic with you only if you're sarcastic with me.

Ah well. I told you I didn't want to jump through these tiresome hoops. It's always the same old circus. Words are useless, and thinking is hard. But how else will anyone come to an understanding of the magnitude of this issue? We kill babies in America. Legally. I'm all for legal killing. Wars. Executions. You know, enemies. But babies? I don't think much about it. It would make me heartsick.

It must be a bit creepy, for Obama's daughters, though, when they finally realize that they were a choice, to which the answer could have been a bloody NO. How grateful these children should be, to have been allowed to be born. How generous the parents must be, to assume the pain of their existence. So noble.

My son was never a choice. He was always a person.



Anonymous said...

Although it DOES get tiresome to have to go over and over this time and time again, and there are those who will not be swayed by any amount of discourse, stiil, it needs to be said and it needs to be said as well as you have stated.

Thank you.

GUYK said...

I have a tough time with the idea of legalized abortion. As a somewhat historian I realize that abortions have been a part of the course of human events. I understand why sometimes a woman can rationalize her need to abort a child...but I can't. But then it is not my call. But it also is not the call of society nor the call of the Supreme Court.

I believe that it took one hell of a stretch of the imagination to find the right to an abortion..or for that matter the right to forbid the constitution. It just ain't there.

Some rationalize that the fetus is just a piece of flesh in the human body and is not a human being until birth..hmmm. And figure that sucking the brains out of the piece of flesh to kill it before inducing labor is not murder..yet if the mother smothers the baby one second after it is born it is murder? Someone explain this logic to me.

Another tried to rationalize it to me as justifiable sell.

I don't I said I have mixed emotions on it..I reckon I am just kinda thinking that I am glad that it ain't my call..

Jack H said...

Wars are a necessary evil. We know they're necessary because they've always been with us. God himself wages war, and if he didn't invent it, he participates it. He could after all just capitulate. Abortion has always been with us too. Is its evil necessary? I suppose it is, in the same way that war is. In fact, its just a tactic of that same war, against God. Too religious? All questions of how to live, and whether to live, must boil down to an essentially religious nature. Kind of a bother, always getting so holy, but there it is.

As for the Constitution and our rights, we are guaranteed the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There's always that internal conflict, though -- someone else's life may make me unhappy. Hence, abortion. Also, the Constitution rightly only applies to citizens. Fetuses are not actually citizens, regardless of their humanity, because fetuses have not been born, and citizens must have been born. Although that too is iffy, since a citizen is someone who's parents are citizens. Now I've gone and confused myself again. Guess I need a court to explain it to me.

A criminal who kills a pregnant woman is charged with double homicide. Humanity is a choice, it seems. Insane, but logical.

Guy, it is your call. What man will stand by while children are slashed to pieces? Our silence, or lack of action, is a decision, and it is only the degree of our complicity that is debatable.