Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I generally try to ignore anniversaries. The problem with that is that they just won't be ignored. They crouch at the threshold, if you get the reference. So I, for example, was due for a depression anyway. October, and March, and sometime in the spring -- they wait like the ground after a fall. But today, this particular anniversary, doesn't seem to mean a whole lot to me. You remember what today is, right? Virginia Tech Day. I have nothing more to say about it. I said it here. But it occurs to me that you might enjoy wallowing in that filth for a while, slurping like a dog at its vomit. And don't you go denying it. I know you watch TV. For my part, I never revisit the past. It all just slides off my back the way a great magnificent beast charges through mist. I'm repellent.


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