Thursday, May 8, 2008


This proves that anything can be anything else.

And here, at second 1:13 -- a woman realizing how beautiful she is. The reason for it all.



Anonymous said...


you would also enjoy "Verdi Cries." For some reason I think of you when I hear it. Natalie Merchant is my old-time fav, one of the most original and beautiful voices out there. Next to Chrissie Hinde, of course ;)

Anonymous said...

oops. Hynde.

Jack H said...

I was reminding myself of Natalie Merchant last night. I'm in love with her. Unrequited. If only there was some way I could get her attention.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could shoot Ronald Reagan

Anonymous said...

Or John Lennon.

Jack H said...

Your suggestion has been forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

Anonymity, you understand, on the net is merely a comforting illusion.