Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Surprise in My Pocket

Names. Names in an envelope. Guilty, bad, dirty names of traitors. Traitors, with whom you have consorted. For shame.

No, not non-convictable terrorist bomber Bill "I Should Have Done More" Ayers. Not God-damning, syphilis-injection & AIDS-inventing accuser Jerimiah Wright. Not bar-raising, US/THEM-distinguishing, never-been-proud-of-America Michelle Obama. We're so over that. We love Obama, oh yes it's true, we love Obama, and so should you. Obama is not the problem. Obama is the bomba. He's Obamazing. It's that other one.

The Hillary.

Hillary Diane Rodham wrote her Wellesley senior thesis on Saul "Whatever Works To Get Power To The People, Use It" Alinsky, radical Chicago community-organizer. Oh, she tittered, all aflutter, my heeeero! At Yale she was associate editor of the alternative Yale Review of Law and Social Action, which depicted policemen as pigs and mad killers while promoting the propaganda of racist murderers. During the Black Panther murder trial in New Haven, she supervised the effort of radicals to derail the government case by scrutinizing the prosecution for technical errors. Once matriculated she collaborated with Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein, the most radical law firm of the era -- representatives of the Communist Party. She maintained close ties for decades afterward with Treuhaft and his wife, both "former" Communists.

And most damning of all, of course, is her close -- perhaps intimate -- long-term links to impeached, admitted perjurer and disbarred lawyer bill clinton, whose crimes and misdemeanors are too numerous to mention.

Even McCain. Or perhaps one should say, "especially." It is a well-documented fact that Sen. McCain spent almost six years living in close association with Communists, during the radical Sixties.

My point!? My point?! You might well ask what my point is! Indeed!



Jack H said...

Usually I just chuckle to myself, but I laughed outloud at this one.


akfox said...

Yeah...McCain living for six years in close association with communists in the sixties...that is classic.

Jack H said...

Emergency exits are located at the front and rear of the vehicle.

Ms.Green said...

I'm going to sort my CD collection on Election Day. Won't have time to get out...

Jack H said...

Then the terrorists will have won!

Chuck E. Boy said...

I'll be folding my towels.

Jack H said...

You people sicken me. I'm moving to Canada. America doesn't deserve me.