Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Whether Report

It's obvious by now. Obama will certainly be the Dem nominee. The clinton backroom dealings and bullyings and blackmailings and extortions and threats and backroom dealings and threats just won't be enough. The electability argument won't do it either -- their only honorable tactic, which has the disadvantage of having some honesty behind it. The slimy pol superdeligates, upon whom the clintons base all their dynastic dreams, will look at the clinton threats, and then at their own, local, real constituents, and they will not alienate their, er, base. When faced with the carrot or the stick, they know on what side their bread is buttered. Civil war among the Dems, if they go with Hillary. So Obama, of course. It's not about winning. It's about surviving.

What do I think? How gracious of you to ask. If they go with Obama, well, this Obama ascendancy is not a bad thing. Cuz Obama is unelectable.

Charm just won't do it. Fantastic oratory style won't do it either. The gloss has worn off, you see. His confidence has shown through, on occasion, as arrogance. No biggie in itself, but not what we want in our messiahs. His poise sometimes turns to petulance. And he has mannerisms when speaking off-the-cuff that simply will not do. At all. The repetition of a conjunction while he's organizing his thoughts. He should fill that time with silence, or uhs and ums. I won't say why. Maybe you'll see it yourself. ... I know. Don't blame me. And something I noticed months and months ago. He is the village explainer. Because because because because because, because of the wonderful things he does. He says because a lot. And what follows the because isn't really an explanation at all. It's rhetoric. Watch for it.

Now you may not think any such things matter. But he was so beautiful. And now he's just a hackish pol. That he wheeled his grandmother to the sidewalk where he kicked her to the curb while waiting for a bus to throw her under, and when it didn't come, dragged her by the hair to the train depot so he could throw her off one, well, that was a clue. That he sat in a Black Liberation Theology church for several decades and somehow managed to leave that sanctuary claiming to be a uniter ... that's just kind of amusing. But the thing that we will be hearing time and again, come the general election, is that he said, in his Philadelphia Speech for the Ages -- which was as big a load of nothing as I've ever heard -- that he could no more (ahem) disown his Reverend Wright than he could disown the black community. Given the events of the past few weeks, culminating in his carefully couched but very clear disowning of the Reverend Wright, well, how obvious does it have to be?

It's as much a question of judgment, as character was the issue with clinton.

And, honestly, honestly, can you imagine hearing that wife of his, for the next four years? Michelle? My clamorous bell? She goes on and on about the moving bar, that THEY are always moving. So you get your MAs and MBAs and PhDs and, uh, other fancy degrees, so that you can do your dream job, but then your student loans are so high that you can't take that teaching job you wanted in the first place.


My dear child. One can be a teacher -- or a community organizer, or a, uh, abortion councelor (yes, have an abortion, have several, they're free), or a drug councelor (here's how you tie off a vein properly, honey, for all them heroin shots you'll be needing), or just a bleeding hearted lefty social engineer of whatever ilk you might require -- without accruing several hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. That's what community colleges are for. Community organizer college. When we make the sacrifices we do make, to take our dream jobs, we can't blame that choice on THEM. Did you not know, dear one, that you'd have to repay your student loan? If you knew it, how was the bar moved?

She's supposed to be bright. She got a job out of college in a major bigtime lie office. Lefty, I seem to recall. If she'd stayed there for a couple more years, she'd have paid off her debt lickety split. Where, pray, is there room for complaint here? And the 10000 dollars she shells out on music lessons for her kids, well, that ain't hay. But damn THEM anyways. Cuz she wants a pony too.

Yes, it's very possible for bright people to be unspeakably stupid. That would be the best judgment I could make. The other, and sadly more likely one, is that she's just manipulating. Grievance-mongering. Uh, uniting. Uniting us against THEM.

You think Hillary was bad? Is bad? Or maybe you think she's terrif? In any case there's another one waiting in the wings. Suddenly I feel cold. So very cold.

But it's the Obamas in '08. Thankfully, McCain will win, whether you like it or not. I say thankfully, because he'll be much less horrible than the others. As for 2012, well, that's the year the Mayan calendar informs us the world as we know it will end. Finally. I don't think it's talking about Jesus, though. More likely the giant motherships awaiting us per Obama's Wright's Farrakhan. Well, not us, per se, since that would have to include me, and nobody wants me. So you don't have to worry about 2012. You grasshoppers can fiddle the days away, McCain calling the tune, Global Warming coming under control, mild winters forecast in the meantime, and in a brief handful of years it will all be over.


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