Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Nose in the Hole

Forget politically incorrect -- it is absolute hatespeak to suggest that homosexuality is a form of dysfunction. Biologically it can hardly be anything else, given that it is characterized by an emotional inability to procreate sexually. Artificially, yes, and even merely, mechanically, engaging with the opposite sex -- as by dissociatively fantasizing during the act ... but emotionally, unable. As I say, the suggestion is hatespeak. But what if it's true?

The HIVirus is the only DNA fragment that has civil rights, such as privacy and the right to an attorney and free housing -- more rights certainly than, say, a human fetus. Similarly, homosexuality not too long ago was classified as a mental disorder; then it was lobbied down in '73 to a mere egodystonic sexual orientation disturbance ... then removed entirely from the catalog of madnesses, referenced only for the possible idiosyncratic distress that insufficiently loving yourself might cause. Sodomy now has an equal standing with heterosexual intercourse, and never mind that only one of these has an identifiable function for the taxonomic species of Homo sapiens sapiens. An anus and a vagina are made indistinguishable from each other, not just in the eyes of the law, but socially. Well, it's never been interesting to me to just list a bunch of woes. It hardly seems worthwhile to ask what's next? -- which perversion is next for mainstreaming?

You will have been misinformed, egregiously, on the matter. You will have been given to understand that people are born homo- or heterosexual, str8 or gay. You will have heard on the nightly tv news that the gay gene has been discovered. You didn't quite pick up on the details, because they weren't offered, but it's evidence, after all, isn't it? And only an obscurantist would argue with evidence. That would be crazy, dude, just crazy.

The passion, the emotional intensity and conviction have moved you away from your youthful position, that it was sick. Advocates and their enablers have parleyed their dismay at your ignorance into your good-natured acceptance of their sodomistic ways. Bully for them. But what if their emotionalism arises not from outraged honesty, but from the very same spiritual sickness that makes them lust after anuses, or the lesbian equivalent? What if gayness is just as sick as some serious thought on the matter suggests it is? I mean, come on -- anuses? You would credit someone who wasn't even properly potty trained?

It's not just the virus that has civil rights, now. It's fecal matter. Yuck.

Hatespeak, as I say. But the word doesn't mean hate -- it just has that phoneme in it. What the word means, actually, is speaking a conviction, often based on traditional religious values, that opposes liberal orthodoxy. A crucifix immersed in a jar of urine is not hatespeak, it's art. (What is it with these people and excretory substances?) Strewing condoms in churches isn't hatespeak. But reading a passage from Romans or from Leviticus is. It's not a double standard. It's just a way of defining words. Sometimes they make up a new word: hatespeak. Sometimes they change the meaning of an old one: marriage. There's no complaining about it. It's like complaining about judges. They do what they do, because they can. They can, because we let them.

Yes, I've been vague. I haven't cited evidence, just common sense. For those who might like more actual detail, I suggest "Reparative Therapy," by Joseph Nicolosi. Or R. Fitzgibbons' "The Psychology Behind Homosexual Tendencies," linked here. The upshot is that there are very many studies that bear out the dysfunctionality of sodomist behavior, gay or homosexual. For those afflicted with it who feel the distress, what can we feel but sympathy. For those who are proud, well, pride must be another one of those redefined words.

Fitzgibbons summarizes, speaking of his work with homosexual priests and seminarians: they have "a significant affective immaturity with excessive anger and jealousy toward males who are not homosexual, insecurity that leads them to avoid close friendships with such males and an inordinate need for attention."

Such generalizations may seem offensive. Aren't we all unique individuals? But the thing about psychology is that it is rather like physiology. Things run along general patterns. Sometimes however a heart is in reversed position. This is rare, but it follows a pattern of its own. Same with human behavior: infinite subtle variations; common gross structures.

"Most of these men had painful adolescent experiences of significant loneliness and sadness, felt insecure in their masculinity, and had a poor body image. Well-designed research studies have demonstrated a much higher prevalence of psychiatric illness in those who identify themselves as homosexual."

I was significantly lonely and sad. I had a magnificent body image and my masculinity was radioactive. So I must be bi. As for psychiatric illness, the gay lobby will cavil. You would too. It's like saying you're a freak. Even if you are. Honesty is such a difficult thing to be around.

"Seminarians with effeminacy, a clear sign of serious affective immaturity, usually failed in their childhood to identify sufficiently with their fathers and male peers. They can benefit from therapy to extinguish effeminate mannerisms and to strengthen their appreciation of their God-given masculinity so that they may become true spiritual fathers."

Simplistic? Yes, finding patterns makes things simple. This is a problem?

"A 2005 national study demonstrated that 28.8% of Americans will have an anxiety disorder in their lifetime, 24.8% an impulse-control disorder and 20.8% a mood disorder.

"The most common origins of these emotional weaknesses in men arise from a lack of closeness and affirmation in the father relationship and with male peers. These emotional conflicts result in weaknesses in male confidence, sadness, loneliness, anger and often a poor body image. In addition, those from divorced family backgrounds have major trust weaknesses."

See? Pain leads to dysfunction. Repeatedly destroy a spider's web and it eventually goes mad.

Objective measurements and predictors? Yes, as in the Boyhood Gender Conformity Scale, 90% accurate, the validation study of which identified five powerful indicators: playing with boys, preferring boys' games, imagining oneself as a sports figure, reading adventure and sports stories, and, conversely, being considered a 'sissy'. These five were a "potent and parsimonious discriminator among adult males for sexual orientation. It was similarly noted that the absence of masculine behaviors and traits appeared to be a more powerful predictor of later homosexual orientation than the traditionally feminine or cross-sexed traits and behaviors."

In 1930s Germany, a dysfunctional group took power and mainstreamed thuggishness and that host of excesses that led to the deathcamps. The gay advocates and their abortionist and free-needles and no-borders collaborationists? Who can say what their deathcamps will look like. Perhaps like a civilization depopulated by those who built it, overrun by aliens whose only virtue is their primal instinctive ability to distinguish between the alimentary and the reproductive canals.

We used to scoff at those who made slippery slope arguments. How logically invalid they were. We used to snort derisively at those Cassandras who peeped and chirped their dry-boned warnings. How amusing were the just-so tales of camels with their noses poking into tent holes -- we understood that camels cannot get into tents. We thought we understood that. But government officials are now uttering such absurdities as, "By the authority vested in me by the State of California, I now pronounce you Husband and Husband."

Not only is the camel in the tent, but it wants to have sex with us.



nanc said...

did i hear this in orson welles' voice?

dang your hide, jack!

as for the camel, one hump or two?


p.s. - i'm off to read one of your links - i've not yet an informed opinion other than my own.

Jack H said...

God lord. Did he suppose we should accept small pox so we could better understand that?

There are no guarantees.

Why do you waste your time with this silliness? Marcuse? I suppose it's useful, somehow, to know his opera, if you're trying to get into a hippy chick's pants or something. Maybe at a cocktail party in Manhattan, or writing a term paper for your Marxist prof. But please.

Jack H said...
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chuck e. boy said...

And you think about NOT writing this blog?

You have a responsibility, you know. Both to keep the light shining and to present a rebuttal to those who would attempt to hide the fact that they are trying to hide the light.

Jack H said...


I figured out why I'm writing less here. I moved my computer. Now, in the trembling hours of the endless night as I lie abed sleepless and in an agony of soul, I just stare into the boundless blackness and silently weep. But I'm not moving the computer back. Not unless 7 people beg me to. And I lowered that number just now from 8.


nanc said...

i'll be one of the seven...

Anonymous said...

I'll be three of seven. (I've always loved the number three!) Or seven of seven ... I like that number too. Just don't give me 2, 4, 5, or 6!


Anonymous said...

Screwed up the above signature link ...

Jack H said...
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Tom O'Toole said...

Jack -- Great job! Your words deftly brought out the grotesque unnatural aspect of homosexuality (which as with showing abortion the opposition hates) without getting unnecessarily graphic. You kept to your topic and stuck the ending. Well done!

P.S. Could you explain the camel reference in more detail? Me and my wife were talking about the camel/eye of the needle passage, but I know that you are drawing upon more literary allusions than that.

Jack H said...

Theres an Arab proverb, that talks about how at first a camel stuck its nose in the tent flap, and the arab did nothing about it. Then it stuck its neck in, and the man said, it's only a neck. Then its feet, and its hump, and its other hump if it had one. And soon the whole camel was in the tent. The image of the camel's nose, then, is short hand for neglect and its consequences.

You seem to have a more refined sensibility than I do. You'll have to overlook some of my crudeness. This is an M rated site, and I allow myself here a lenience that I would not exercise in mixed company. All are welcome, but it's always a risk. No offence meant. Whether or not it is taken is a personal matter. As I say, I'm harmless, mostly. But I do more than rattle my sabre. I weild it.


Anonymous said...
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Ms.Green said...

You are such a hater Jack. As you know, I'm a hater too.

Count me as one of the seven.

Jack H said...

I surely cannot have made a secret of the fact that I view FP as a work of art. Extending through time, like flashing points of light that eventually make visible something that may not be sublime, but is otherwise ineffable. With that in mind, I feel free to say that, yes, each of these efforts is finished. Comments are welcome, as comments on any masterpiece would be, of awe and admiration. The Mona Lisa smile -- the proportionate grace of The Last Supper -- the elegance of my Sunflowers and exuberance of my Starry Nights -- the perfect masculine dimensions of my David and the brooding brilliance of my Thinker at the gates of hell -- who could NOT comment on them? But I have swept up the chips, the drops, the shavings, and only the slightest dusting is sometimes called for. The artist has put away his impliments, and any other changes would be vandalism.

Remember that time when you asked me to point out socially inappropriate behavior? But by my count, that's only four. Four is not seven, now, is it. Things are looking bad, for all true disciples of the one true prophet. So few surahs. Has God fallen silent? Will he? Has Jack H become like unto Jonah, fled west despite his calling? Down down down down down, and what voice shall summon him back? So few, so very few. We must tremble with fear and trembling, lest this voice fade to an inaudible sigh and flutter out into a most attenuated vacuum. Alas. Alas.

Anonymous said...
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Jack H said...

Jack H has heard the plaintive mewlings of his countless admirers, and deigns to take pity on their puny meaningless lives. The spigot of his wisdom shall continue to flow. He doesn't even know why there was a question on the matter. He hasn't threatened to quit for weeks, now. It was about moving his computer. Don't you people pay attention?

As for this menopausal "berry" -- I believe it must be my second troll! there was gaiboi from a few years ago. So what bridge did you drag it out from under? You should wipe your feet before you visit, you know. Tracking filth and offal across my threads. Very inconsiderate.

Hey! Berrry!!! Go back to Russia! Heh heh! Right, guys?!? Yer a sissyboy who wears pink lacy undies! Heh heh! And you like drugs an stuff cuz yper so dum!!! Zing!!!

Will C. said...

Sorry I'm late...

Count me as one of seven!

Speaking of sevens of somethings. Our current malase can be directly attibuted to Seven of Nine.

Clue: Remember J I'm tv.

Will C. said...

And will someone tell fj there are better pictures of Mercury out there...or is that The Flash from the 1940s?