Friday, July 25, 2008

Maxwell's Demon

As none of you can be as intelligent as I, you will of course be uninformed regarding the true reason perpetual motion machines cannot function in this universe. In the late 19th century, James Maxwell proposed a violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Imagine a microscopic partitioned box with a small door between the two rooms. Imagine a tiny demon as doorkeeper, who can observe the atoms bouncing endlessly about like racquetballs in two courts. Imagine the demon opening the door to allow fast balls through into court A, and slow balls into court B. We'd end up with a heat disparity that would amount to an engine, capable of doing work. The energy expended in opening and closing the door is less than the energy gained by segregating the fast atoms from the slow. Likewise, the demon could drain room A completely, stuffing room B -- creating a vacuum on one side and a high-pressure zone on the other. An engine. Perpetual motion.

In a mechanistic world, it would work. But it can't work in this universe. Here's why. The door swing isn't where the energy is wasted. The demon's muscular metabolic needs are also not the problem. The problem is in the intelligence it takes to make the necessary observations and decisions. Eighty percent of your blood sugar goes to feed your brain. Intelligence is a huge energy drain -- more than would be gained from the consequent heat-engine. Imagine how draining it must be to be me.

So, consider this, a device to remove carbon dioxide from the precious heating atmosphere. Carbon atoms are pumped across an ion exchange resin and then are washed off, concentrated, for some sort of use or disposal. The flaw I expect is that the energy used to pump air, and to dispose of the carbon, releases more carbon than the process would contain.

And frankly, carbon-removing devices already exist. We call them plants.

In any case, the Environmentalists are on top of the matter. Ever intuitive, they sidestep any problem of mere physics and science, and cut to the nub of the issue, objecting to the idea that such a solution still allows, yea, encourages carbon release in the first place. The Western perspective, of using the environment for a supposed greater good, like increased food production and warmer/cooler dwellings and the draining of malarial swamps -- it is displeasing to their sense of decency and their aesthetic sensibilities, about how things should be. Reality is such a limiting concept.

At which point we realize that Environmentalism isn't a religion or a social movement, as we had thought. It is a political philosophy. It is a way of controlling populations. It is Totalitarian. The environment is just the idol, to them, the physical form. The goddess behind it requires blood sacrifice, as she always has -- previously in the form of infant sacrifice ... and currently, now that I think of it. But the blood sacrifice she requires in this millennium takes the form of mass population control. Six billion is just too many humans. Five hundred million is the preferred number. It is technology, Western technology that allows such an inflated population. A return to tribalism will heal the planet. The goddess loves tribalism. It's the system that allows her the most power. Totalitarianism is after all a religion. I guess that means the Environmentalists really are religionists. The way Marxists are. Ah. I see it now. All the same thing. How obvious.

Oh, and by the way, the articles I've linked to here were discovered unaided by myself entirely without any outside help from anyone else whatsoever. Especially no one calling himself Will C. Imagine a man as hyperintelligent as myself needing anyone else, or profiting by such contact. It is ridiculous, the very conceit. No one contributed anything at all. I am a very Maxwell's demon of energy production, and if I could feel pity for you all, I would.



bob k. mando said...

I am a very Maxwell's demon of energy production

you may very well be, but for blogging purposes i suspect that "demon of information sorting" would be a more fitting sobriquet.

damnit, am i being obstreperous again? so sorry, i apologize profusely.

[bows to floor]

Jack H said...

I thought of that, but couldn't bear to so limit myself. I am vast.

bob k. mando said...

verily, thou dost contain multitudes